Monday, January 13, 2014

Oh boy oh boy!

Well all sorts of stuff happened last week.  Holy moly.  Where to start.  Alright, well we will start with the beginning of last week.  I called up Grandma and Grandpa Carlson and got a hold of those guys.  They are awesome!  Grandma was feeling sick last week though and Grandpa has a golf tournament this week so we are gonna meet with them I think at the beginning of next week.  But it was great to talk to them.  I guess Kade and Elle had their baby!!!!  Congrats Carlsons!  That's way sweet!

Here's part 1 of the big news.  We have our own apartment!!!!!  It's super nice.  Except it doesn't have a washer and dryer yet.  They can't decide if they are going to get us some or not.  So now we have to go do laundry at the Laundromat which is no fun at all.  But besides that it's pretty nice.  My back loves the new bed.  The apartment is really big too.  Two bedrooms and two bathrooms with a big main room with like 15 foot ceilings.  It's sweet.  Really kinda boring though.  We need some roomies haha.

Ready for big news part 2.  It's pretty flippin awesome. I got my first baptism!!!  Haha kinda.  The sisters who share the ward with us had a baptism that kinda just happened.  The back story behind it all is super complicated and I don't even know it all.  But all of a sudden, she was ready to be baptized and they asked me to do it so I was like "Heck Yeah!"  It was Sister Akagi's first baptism too so that was cool.  And it was the first time Weaver had ever confirmed anybody and given them the Holy Ghost so this baptism was full of firsts haha.  It was way sweet!  That was on Saturday.

The sister missionaries, me and Sister Couch.

That's all the big news of the week though.  Well hold up, we finally got a hold of Robert again.  Hopefully we are gonna go see him tonight.  But we also got a new investigator last week.  His name is also Robert!  So now we have two Roberts and both are pretty legit.  It's great.  We also taught our other investigator Brian last week which was super cool.  The spirit was super strong!

But past all that, nothing else happened.  All the other days last week were pretty boring.  Mostly filled with us walking around trying to see less actives and then getting the door slammed in our face.  It's a great time. 

Sounds like it's been crazy back home! It's sad to hear about Mel.  It sounds like his funeral was pretty nice though. Kind of reminds me of Patriarch Fugals.  Except without the airplane and stuff. 

Tupelo sounds great too!!  And Jims Christmas present looks awesome!  That's a great painting.  Too bad Dagny is sick though.  That's no fun.  I guess H1N1 has been going around up here too.  No good. 

The hospital trip sounds fun!!  I'm glad your leg is getting better mom.  We had to go to the hospital a couple times last week cause some people in there needed blessings.  I was just reminded how cool working in a hospital would be.  Although I wasn't impressed by the nurse who was helping one of the women we went to see.  She was a piece of work. 

Anyways, It's cool you saw Elder Savage!! Yeah he's a cool guy.  If you see him again tell him I said hi back haha. 

Well, I hope you all have a good week,  Love you guys!!!

Love, Elder Wise

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