Monday, September 29, 2014

A Great Finale!

Well last week was just a great week to end the transfer!  The baptisms went really well!  Tony, Angel, Raul, and Jayro are officially members! Yay!!  It was so awesome! I'll send some pics in a bit.  We also got a car this week!  A silver Chevy Colorado truck!  It's nice.  Really fun to drive.  Reminds me of the jeep actually!  Which, by the way, I am glad is staying in utah!  Although I'm a little sad I won't be getting a new Rubicon.  Oh well.  Maybe someday.

This last week we were also able to find 5 new investigators!! It was so awesome!  And they have been so prepared be the Lord! They are just Golden!  Two of them are Carlos' and Grace's upstairs neighbors.  Sister Armstrong and her mom Sister Armstrong. We did what it says to do in PMG and asked if we could call them Sister and they really love it haha.  They introduced themselves as Sister Armstrong at church yesterday.  It was awesome!  And they have more family in the home, and they loved church so much that they want us to start teaching everybody so we will probably gain a few more investigators from them!

We also started teaching a guy named Angel Marmolejo (Brother Marmolejo) and his son Angel Marmolejo.  Haha they are super awesome too!   For some reason they weren't able to come to church yesterday, but we met with them twice last week and they are just super awesome.  

So we found out about transfers today!  I will be staying here in Colton for another 6 weeks! And my new companion will be Elder Webb.  I don't know too much about him but he sounds like a super fun guy.  So I'm pretty stoked! 

Also, this last week we got to watch Meet the Mormons.  It was AWESOME!  I would totally recommend going to see it!  It was pretty bomb.  I wish I could see it again.  It'll have you laughing one second, and crying the next.  Oh and guess what is in it?  It shows some people skiing at Snowbird and climbing at Momentum!  It's great.  That part made me homesick though haha.  But anyways, it's sick. 

Well, that's about it for the update here.  I'm glad everything is going well at home!  Way to win your game lucie!  Soccer in the rain is the BEST! Haha I love it.  

Have a great week!! Love you all! 

Love, Elder Wise 

**note from Mom--apparently he forgot to send the photos :(

Monday, September 22, 2014

One down, Four to go!

This week was super awesome!  Nathan got baptized!! Yay!  It went really well!  I'll definitely be sending some pics.  Let's see, what else happened this week?

I think it hit about 112 the other day.  It's soooo hot! Luckily, it's cooled down a lot the last couple days.  Only in the 90's.  Phew! Sadly, we still don't have a car.  It'll probably be coming in the next couple days.  Hopefully! 

I'm sure you've probably heard about it.  But the church has come out with a movie!  Its called Meet the Mormons!  It's even going to be in theaters and stuff!  It's pretty cool.  We get to watch it this coming Thursday. I'm pretty stoked!  It's supposed to be really good!  It follows the lives of 6 mormon families.  It's not meant to be a proselyting tool, just an informative movie so people can see how mormons really are.  

This upcoming week we have 4 baptisms!  Tony, Angel, Raul, and Jayro.  It's going to be awesome!!  They are all really looking forward to it! I'll be sure to take lot's of pics! 

I'm glad to hear everything is going well at home! Sounds like you all had a fun week!  Way to win your game lucie!  That's fun that everyone got to watch the temple dedication!  I wish they could broadcast that everywhere!  That woulda been sweet! 

And I'm glad to hear that the missionaries there are doing good work.  That's really good.  

So Jim isn't going out to utah anymore?  Does that mean they aren't buying the jeep?  I would really miss the jeep, but if Dugan really wants it that would probs be ok.  Maybe we could replace it with a Rubicon?  Or a Wrangler?  Or maybe a Harley.  All of those would be acceptable replacements haha.  :)

Well, I hope you all have a fantastic week!!  I love you all! 

Love, Elder Wise

Monday, September 15, 2014


Yeah, this week has been HOT! I've been dying.  Even when there's a breeze it doesn't help much.  It's super hot air.  It feels like a hair dryer is blowing in my face.  Oh well, the good news is I probably won't be on bike for too much longer!! YAY!  The ward boundaries changed this last week and so our area's changed as well.  I am now in the Colton 1st ward.  It's a pretty huge ward.  It's going to require a car so they are working on getting us one.  The other cool part about all this is that we only lost like 3 investigators!  We lost Mike, and Leonard, and a couple others who weren't progressing anyways.  Pretty much our entire teaching pool is intact.  Plus, we gained a golden family of 5 from the other Elders, and an investigator from the Sisters!  So all in all, this change has worked out quite well for us! Plus, 9 investigators came to church again!  So we have been really happy this week.  It's been good.  That's pretty much all that has really happened this week though.  It's just been kind of hectic with all the changes.  But this next week should be a great time!

Sounds like it's been fun at home!!  Way to go Lucie for playing soccer! I'm glad you like it!! Those pics are awesome! Go number 7!  haha

The carpenters had their baby!! Congrats!! That's awesome!  I love gingers! 

I'm glad to hear that the ward didn't change much with the rearrangement of boundaries! It would be weird to come home to a bunch of people who weren't there when I left haha.  So I'm glad it's pretty much the same.  

Dinner with the Carlson's sounds awesome! Malawi's pizza is delicious! 

That is the coolest story about Elder Nelson!!  I love hearing cool Apostle stories every week haha!  That is so cool!  

Well, Thanks for all your support and love!! I hope you have a great week!!  Love you!

Love, Elder Wise

Monday, September 8, 2014

One Year Gone...

Whoa, time is just flying by!  I can't believe it's been a whole year!  CRAY-CRAY!  This week was pretty bomb though. Let me tell ya.  I guess the reason it turned out so well was because of church yesterday! We had 9 investigators there!  It was truly a miracle.  Because of the special meeting, we had church at the stake center which is pretty far away, so we figured it might be kinda hard to get everybody over there.  The majority of our investigators are youth, or don't have cars.  So that's a bummer.  But everything worked out and we had a whole bunch of members help with giving rides and we were able to get everyone there!  It was awesome!

And the special meeting was because the stake has reorganized all the ward boundaries!  As a result of this however, Elder Urry and I no longer live in the Bloomington ward boundaries, and so we might be switching to a different ward.  The Colton ward.  We won't know for sure though until tomorrow.  

Let's see, what else happened??  Umm, oh we had MLC last week! It was pretty good!  We learned a lot of really cool things.  It was fun because normally in these meetings, the President covers a lot of things about rules, and other nuts'n'bolts type stuff.  But in this last meeting we were able to dive more into doctrine and stuff! We talked a lot about conversion and how our investigators can become more converted if we as missionaries are converted.  We also talked a lot about the Book of Mormon.  It's so cool!  There is no way that the book of mormon isn't true.  Just sayin.  :)

This is kinda cool too.  The Mission President has allowed us an extra 30 minutes of companion study in the mornings! This is to be used to watch the District 1 DVD's which are all about planning.  For the last several months there has been a big push on planning and how to plan correctly and the District DVD's help so much!  So we are stoked about that! 

I'm so glad to hear that the baptism went well and everything!!  Congrats lucie!! :) I'm so proud of you! It sounded so fun!! 

I got all the packages this week!  Thank you so much!!  They were perfect!  We ended up going out to eat the next day.  Cause hump day was the day we had MLC so there wasn't much time.  It was delicious! Thanks so much! 

Wow!! That story about that girl is incredible! 
Well, I'm just about out of time.  I hope you all have an amazing week!!  I love you all!! This church is true and being a missionary is the best!

Love, Elder Wise

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Oh boy.

Well last week was interesting.  Most of our appointments fell through and stuff just did not work out. Plus, I have some bad news.  Both Tony and Nathan's baptisms have had to be pushed back :(  They are both doing super awesome! But Nathan's mom ended up not being able to have work off this saturday, so we have to push Nathan back to September 20.  And Tony is still doing amazing with not smoking and stuff but due to certain things outside of our control, they want to push his baptism back until he has come to church 4 times in a row consecutively.  It is a huge long story and we were sure that it wasn't going to be an issue because he's been to church enough times to be baptized, but they want him to come consecutively.  I'm so sorry Lucie!!  I tried my hardest!  We almost had it!  The good thing is that they will still be baptized this transfer.  I was so so sad though.  Ugh.
Our investigator Angel is doing really well also, but we just found out yesterday that his family has to move to Fontana (a neighboring city) and will be gone before his baptism.  So he will have to be baptized into whatever ward he is moving into.  Hopefully!! We will have to get all his information to the missionaries over there.  

Carlos is doing fantastic.  It's kind of fun because we have been able to teach him things that are a lot deeper in doctrine, than we have before.  He's heard all the simple basic stuff so often that he has it down.  So this last week we got to teach stuff we don't normally get to teach! It's lots of fun! 

There is a special meeting with all of the English wards in the stake this Sunday and we think they are changing the ward boundaries out here as well!  So we are really excited to see what happens on sunday.  It could change a lot of things! 

Sounds like you all had a lot of fun this last week!!  I'm so jealous about the story telling festival!  That is so fun!! Haha I miss that!  And sounds like things for the baptism are going to be awesome!! I am so sad that I'll be missing it! I'll send the talk in another email though.  I wrote it about baptism.  So hopefully it works! 

I'm glad we have some good missionaries in the stake finally!  That's awesome! And I know Sister Sablan!  I don't know her really well but I've met her.  That's super cool! She's a great Sister! 

Well, sorry this wasn't the most awesome letter.  It's kind of a let down actually.  Lots of bad news. :(  Next week will be better though!  Lot's of stuff going down this week! 
Love you all!!
Elder Wise