Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Well let's see.  It was sooooooo great to see you guys on Christmas!!!!!  Ahhhhh that was awesome.  I wish we could have talked longer.  But at least we got a while haha.  After I hung up with you guys we just went around and visited some members.  One of the family's we saw fed us dinner and then we went to another family's house for cheesecake.  It was delicious. 

Let's see, here's a little more about my companion.  He's a pretty great guy!! We get along really well.  And I don't really know what else you want me to tell about him haha. 
The rest of the week was kinda slow cause everyone was busy with the holidays.  We only taught like 8 lessons and they were all pretty much Active Members.  We did teach Robert last Monday and that was pretty sweet.  I think I told you about it when we skyped though.  We haven't seen him since though.  Hopefully soon!! 

The other exciting thing that happened this week actually happened earlier today.  It's been a long day.  Last Thursday we got a text from our zone leaders about a surprise mission conference.  So this morning we drove up to Redlands (about an hours drive) and listened to Elder Richards of the 2nd quorum of the seventy.  It was pretty great!!  He's awesome.  He looks a lot like Michael Caine though.  At least from where I was sitting.  So that's kinda thrown off the whole P-Day thing. We get a few hours tomorrow morning to finish all the things that we didn't get done today.  Which is pretty much everything.  We came straight to the library after the conference. 

Oh and there was one other cool thing that happened last week.  I went on exchanges with the zone leaders.  The reason this is exciting is that the ZLs are Spanish speaking!! So I spent the day doing pretty much nothing. Well, we did stuff obviously but I just followed him around and tried to understand what was going on.  He taught me quite a bit of Spanish though.  I was actually able to understand what the conversation was about.  It's cool though, cause even though I didn't really know what was being said, I could still feel the spirit.  For instance, I knew he was talking about the first vision at one point cause that was when the spirit felt the strongest.  It was pretty cool.  The gospel is true in Spanish and in English.  As I'm sure Keven would testify.  Haha

Well, Christmas sounded like a blast at home!!  I'm glad you all had a good time :)  Even though you were kinda sick haha.  And I loved the pics you sent!!!  Especially the letters in the snow haha that's awesome!!!  Thanks guys! 

Oh and I almost forgot.  Yeah I totally ran into Alex James on Sunday.  That was trippy.  I stood up and turned around and saw him and totally did a double take.  That was pretty sweet.  There were a whole bunch of PG guys.  It was awesome!!  I should've taken a pic with him though.  And had him send it to you.  That would have been cool.  But I didn't think of that till after he'd gone.  Darn it all. 

Love you guys!!!
-Elder Wise

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

I can't even wait to see you guys!! It's gonna be so exciting!!  There's been a development however.  It looks like we won't be skyping until later in the afternoon.  I'm not even really sure what time.  I'll probably be able to call you right before so you know to get on the computer.  Or something like that.  I don't know for sure.  And President has asked that we only take 45 min.  So have a list of questions to ask or something haha.  I can't wait!!

Let's see.  My new area is doing pretty well.  Last week consisted mostly of going around and meeting everyone in the ward.  Although we have found a new investigator!!  It was pretty cool.  We went on exchanges on Friday so I was with Elder Hevner, my district leader, and we were walking on our way to visit a less active and we walked past a guy raking some leaves in his front yard.  Well both Elder Hevner and I had this super strong feeling that we needed to talk to the guy.  But we both kind of ignored it cause we had to go see the LA.  Well, the LA ended up slamming his door in our face, so as we were walking back to the car we talked to the guy raking.  His name is Robert.  And he is sooooooo prepared for the gospel!!  He's 22 years old and in his past life he was quite the partier.  But he was reading a book and decided that he wanted to become a Christian and do all the things that Christ would do.  So he's been researching Christ and stuff and earlier in the day, before we talked to him, he'd been reading about Mormons.  And then we showed up.  So we set up an appointment with him for the next day and gave him a Restoration pamphlet.  Well, when Weaver and I showed up the next day, he'd read the whole pamphlet, and also ripped out some of the pictures and hung them on his wall because he "liked the way they made him feel".  Haha he's awesome!!  He's super in touch with the spirit.  Even when he's reading stuff online, he can tell when something is true doctrine and when it's kinda sketchy, so then he asks us and we clarify and he says "I had a feeling that wasn't really right".  He's unreal.  We are meeting with him again tonight and hopefully we will be able to get him on date for baptism for Jan 11!!! 

That's really the only exciting thing of the week.  Although, the week was made LOADS better by the fact that we had killer music to listen too!!!  We've been listening to those CD's all week long!!  They are so awesome!!!  Thanks so much!!  The candy is amazing too!!!  Mmmmmmmmmmmm good!

I can't believe you guys have all been sick!! That's no fun!  Santa going to Lucie's school sounds awesome though!!  That sound's so fun!! 

And the snow sounds awesome!! I miss snow.  I miss skiing.  Oh well.  It sounds like grandpa is getting it in for me haha!  That's so awesome!

I can't wait to hear about what everyone get's for Christmas too!  What did you get dad??

I totally fasted on Sunday for Sadie's blessing.  I'm glad it was good!!  It sounds awesome!

Well, Hopefully I will know more about skyping home in a few minutes.  Stay tuned for another email that contains the exact time and stuff.  Hopefully. 

Love you guys!!!  Can't wait to talk to you!!

Love, Elder Wise

Monday, December 16, 2013

The Desert

Hey guys! Man there is a lot to talk about.  Well let's see.  My new companion is Elder Weaver from Cedar City UT.  He's been out about 6 weeks longer than I have.  Last Wednesday all the missionaries getting transfered met at the mission office in highland, found their new companion, and then drove to their new areas.  There wasn't any meeting or anything.  We just kinda showed up, said hello, and drove off again. 

My new assignment is in the Park View Ward.  Cover all of Rancho Mirage, about half of Cathedral City, parts of Palm Dessert, and all of Thousand Palms.  It's a pretty big area and currently we live like 5 miles outside of it so we definitely get a car while we are out here.  It's kind of interesting. Both Weaver and myself were whitewashed in our previous areas, and now we've been whitewashed again!!  That means that we are opening up a new area.  I guess President figures we are just both pro at starting up new areas or something.  I personally feel like someone else should have the pleasure haha. 

As a result of being whitewashed, we have no investigators or anything at all really.  We've spent the last several days figuring out where we are, finding maps, getting ward lists, and all sorts of things.  And we aren't even finished mapping everything out yet.  It's a chore. 

To add to the frustration, we don't have our own place.  Like I said we are currently living outside our area in a tiny apartment with some other elders.  So we are on the floor.  Well, I'm actually on a hideaway bed, but It's probably worse then the floor.  There's  a spring that digs into my back all night long.  But oh well haha. 

One of the definite perks of the area though is the cars.  I thought the cars in Yucaipa were nice but they've got nothing on the stuff out here.  Let's see, I've seen a Ferrari 458, a McLaren MP4-12C, an Aston Martin, countless Porsche's, and several Maserati's.  It's kind of unreal.  The McLaren is probs my favorite though!  I want one. 

It sound's like everything is pretty fun at home!!  I haven't gotten the candy or music package yet but I'm sure it will get here pretty soon.  I can't wait!!  I finally got the Christmas countdown!! It's awesome!! Thanks so much!!  I love the little tree haha. 

Oh!! Big news!!  I think I'll still be able to go to Chris's wedding!!! I talked to President about it and he said I could! I just have to arrange a few things.  So hopefully that will work out!! 

Well, I can't really think of much else to say.  Sorry if I missed something haha.

Have a great week!!!  Love you guys!! 

-Elder Wise

P.S.  I'm super glad Jared is gonna go play chess!!!! ;)  Haha Francis will love it :)

Monday, December 9, 2013


Darn it all.  I'm being transferred!  Palm Desert here I come.  It's kind of a bummer cause Julianne is really coming along.  She prayed about baptism and got her answer!  She wants to be baptized!!  I'm bummed I'll be missing out on that one.  I'll also be missing out on Chris's wedding!!  Ugh!!  Oh well, I know Palm Desert is where the Lord needs me.  And it's kind of nice getting the Desert out of the way.  This is definitely the best time of the year to be there.  It only get's up to like 90's this time of year!
Let's see.  What else happened this week?  We went and saw Roger on Wednesday.  He's doing really well also!  We followed up with him to see if he had prayed about baptism, and he said he has been praying.  He hasn't gotten his answer yet though, so he's going to keep praying. 
We also went and saw Francis again this week.  Played some good chess.  That's what I'm gonna miss.  Seright is gonna have to play with him now.  He will probably get whooped.  Francis is bomb at chess. 
One of the fun things of the week was that we went Christmas Caroling!!!  The ward missionaries and us full time missionaries went around to some of the Less Actives in the ward and sang to them and then invited them to the ward Christmas party this upcoming Saturday.  It went really well!! 
 The highlight of the week though was Saturday.  IT SNOWED!!!  Not nearly as much as it did in UT apparently but it did snow about an inch up in the mountains.  We had to go to the very edge of our area as high up as we could go into the mountains to see it.  This could possibly be the only time on my mission in which I see snow.  So that was really great!!


 It sounds like Utah is a great time!! I'm super jealous of all the snow!!  The Masseys keep getting issues of SKI magazine and it drives me crazy.  I miss skiing!!  The ward Christmas party sounded like a blast!!  I wish I coulda sat on Santa's lap!!
I can't even wait for the candy!! It sounds delicious!!  Sadly, I haven't gotten my package yet.  I have a suspicion that they withheld it at the mission office since transfers are this week.  If it doesn't come in the mail today I will be picking it up on wednesday for sure. 
Also, I definitly want a Christmas CD.  Our Zone Leaders gave us permission to listen to Christmas Music on the radio so that's what we've been doing lately.  Pretty much any christmas music is fine i think!! That Phineas and Ferb CD sounds awesome!! 
 Yeah we finally met with Joanie!! It was really great!! She's super nice!  I'm sad I only got to see her once though.  That's a bummer!  I think Seright will keep stopping by though.  I told him to. 
I'm still working on some secret buddy stuff.  Hopefully that will get done pretty soon.  I'll be pretty busy the next couple of days though cause I have to pack and all that awful stuff. 
Well, I love you guys!! I hope you all have a fantastic week!!  Build a snow man for me sometime!  :)
Love, Elder Wise

PS   And out here we kinda decorate our daily planners and I didn't have anything to decorate mine with really so I used a pic that Lucie drew.  I kinda had to cut it up.  I felt really bad.  But now I can carry it wherever I go!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Hello Hello!

Hello Hello!
This week has been pretty interesting!   Let's see.  Well, this week we had exchanges with the zone leaders.  That was a good time.  It was nice cause I didn't have to move locations this time.  Elder Seright packed his stuff and went to the other area.  Elder Ulrich came with me and we rocked it.  We found two new investigators this week!!  Ulrich and I were able to teach both of them!!  One of them, Julianne, is pretty much golden!  Her only issue is that she doesn't think that Baptism is essential to getting to heaven.  But we explained how important it is and she said she would pray about it.  The other issue she has I guess is that her dad isn't supportive of her at all.  She's like 24 so he wouldn't be able to stop her from being baptized but it's still hard for her. 
And of course, this week was thanksgiving! So that was lots of fun!!!  We went over to a members house in the morning, and we deep fried 4 turkeys and some french fries!! It was soooooo good!!  And after that we went over to the Katompski's house.  I don't know if I've ever mentioned them before.  They are some of our investigators.  Except they told us the other day that they would probably never be converted.  Oh well.  We will keep trying!!
This is the first turkey that we fried.  It looks like it's totally burned and stuff but right under the surface it is perfectly cooked and super juicy!
The third and final exciting thing that happened this week is that we got to see Chris on sunday!!  The not so fun part of that is that she told us she's not really interested in learning more about the church anymore, but she is more than willing to listen to whatever it is we want to tell her about.  So that's a bummer.  We ended up teaching her about the plan of salvation yesterday.  The fun part though is that she really is going to get married!!  They are gonna get married up near a waterfall around here and they are going to ask our bishop to do it.  I told her if he wouldn't then I would.  I don't know if you guys know this or not, cause I didn't, but because I am a legal minister, I can marry people!!! Haha isn't that fun?!  Bishop will probably do it though.  Chris asked us to be the witnesses though!!  Haha it's a good time. 
 That's kind of all the exciting things of this week.  We weren't able to see Roger or anything cause he was busy for the holidays, but hopefully this week!  Thanks for praying for them!
 Thanksgiving in PG sounded like a great time!!!  And yeah, it is super weird that everyone was knitting instead of playing on their ipads and computers.  Strange. 
Everyone keeps telling us about how awesome Catching Fire is!!! I'm super jealous!!!  I've decided staying in a homeshare with members is rough.  They are always watching movies and stuff!!  I just go to bed listening to the sounds of awesome movies right outside our door.  The other night they were watching the Hobbit.  I love that movie.  And I saw a preview for #2 the other day while we were cooking up thanksgiving at the members house.  Darn it all.  Haha
 I'll watch for Sherri's relatives! That's cool that they are coming to Redlands!  And setting up Christmas sounds like a good time!!  The Masseys go all out.  I can't remember if I told you or not but they have 11 trees.  And they aren't all small either.  They put us missionaries in charge of the biggest one. It was a pain!!  I bet the tree's dad did look great though!! They always look super good when he does them!!  
And you mentioned something about making candy???  Send me some?? haha   And I would love to do Secret Buddy still! Sounds great.  And yeah, feel free to help me out. 
I am starting to get low on Calvin and Hobbes envelopes and colored ones too.  But I still have a bunch of stamps and stuff.  I have no idea what I want for Christmas.  I was thinking about maybe a new set of Scriptures?  Except then I would have to start all over marking stuff up.  But it turns out, the ones I'm using are kinda old.  Who knew?  If you guys want to write in some books of mormon, that'd be cool.  I don't really know who I would give them too but I could find someone!  As far as I know, all the missionaries are getting packages and stuff.  Thanks though!!  If I hear of any who aren't I'll let you know.  And I'm glad Sis. Jensen got my letter!!! She's the best!
Well, California is awesome!!  Thanks for all your support and love!!
Love you guys!!
-Elder Wise
This is the Dirty McCurdy hamburger that I ate today for lunch.  Two 1/3 pound patties and a bunch of tri-tip steak along with lettuce, tomatoes, and bacon!  The biggest hamburger I've ever eaten in my life!!  Not to mention the most expensive!  12 dollars!!!!  The owner of Angus McCurdy's is a member though and he gave us our meal free today!!! He's a great man. 
One of our members has cool guns and a manikin dressed up in Russian army gear!