Monday, August 25, 2014

Carlos was Baptized!!!

Wow this week was awesome!!  Carlos' baptism went so well!!  There was only one problem.  I forgot my camera!  I was so sad.  Luckily, everyone else had theirs and they are sending me all their pics.  So don't worry, there will still be some pics coming.  Carlos wanted Elder Raff to baptize him, so we got to see him too!  All the Elders who have worked with Carlos over the last few months were there.  Elder Hayden, Elder Raff, Elder Urry, and Myself.  Plus a few others.  It was very well attended!!  And then he got confirmed yesterday during church!  It was so awesome!  He felt the Holy Ghost so strong!!  He said "I've never felt anything so strongly in my whole life!"  It was just awesome.  And now his brother David is even more stoked to be baptized!!  And Carlos is getting ready to get the priesthood so that he can baptize his brother.  It's just so sweet!!
Tony has been doing really great as well!  Although he has been sick the last couple of day so we haven't been able to meet with him.  But we had an amazing lesson with him earlier in the week!  The night before he had had a really amazing experience where his prayers were answered pretty much immediately and so all during the lesson he was just bearing his testimony that he "Knows without a doubt that God is there, and that he answers prayers".  He was so happy and full of the spirit it was unreal!!  The best part though was that after the lesson, which was about missionary work (which he has been doing!), he was riding away on his bike and he didn't know we were watching and he punched the air.  Breakfast Club status haha! It was just so awesome.  He is so excited to be baptized!  

The other elders in our ward had a baptism last night as well!  And guess who was there?!  Rick Willinsky!! He's my favorite!!  He drove Elder Thompson down here so he could be at the baptism and Rick new I was down here so he wanted to come see me!  It was so great to see him again! 

That's really all the highlights of the week.  Everyone is just doing great! 

Sounds like everything is going well at home! I'm glad to hear the first week of school went well haha! I haven't gotten your package yet but I'm sure it'll come this week! Also, my 7-11 card is just about out haha.  It's crazy that I've been out for a year!  Cray-cray!! 

Well, Hope you have a great week!!!  Love you all!!

Love, Elder Wise

Monday, August 18, 2014

Solar Flare

It's just been one of those weeks.  Totally awesome!!!! There's all sorts of stuff to talk about today haha.  First off, what does Solar Flare mean?  Well I will tell you.  Solar Flare is the new flavor of Mountain Dew that is only available at my favorite place, 7-11.  I drank a lot of it this week!  It has been quite hot!  That gift card really saved my life this week! haha It's delicious!
The biggest news is this:  Carlos got off probation early!!!!  He is being baptized this upcoming saturday, August 23, at 10:00 in the morning.  It's so awesome!!  He is super stoked.  I am too! And we have started to really teach his twin brother David and we set a baptism date with him for October 11 and Carlos is going to do it!  It's just so great! 

The second biggest news is that I'm not being transferred!!  Elder Urry and I will be together for one more transfer.  It's kinda crazy cause he goes home at the end of this one!  Cray-Cray!

Third biggest news: although Mike isn't going to make his baptismal date for September 6, we have a different investigator that is going to be baptized that day!  The one and only Nathan Pacheco.  Alex's little bro.  And we are going to have Alex baptize him! That's going to be totally awesome!  Also, Tony is still doing really well, and if he can go the next couple weeks without smoking, will be baptized on september 2, as planned.  Also, Angel is doing really well, and we are still planning on baptizing him on september 20.  

The fourth biggest news:  We had a really good turn out at church yesterday!  A total of 7 investigators came to church!  Talk about awesome! Three of the investigators who came are three new ones that we picked up this last week.  A family was moving into the apartment complex where Carlos lives and so we helped them move some stuff, and it turns out that the mom was baptized about 5 years ago and she want's her kids to be baptized as well and the best part is they actually want to do it too!  Not just cause their mom wants them too.  So that's awesome!  We will be setting baptismal dates with them this upcoming week probably.  

So as you can see, this week was just super awesome!!  Although I had some bike troubles this week.  A couple flat tires.  That's always a pain.  But it's alright.  All taken care of.  
But yeah, that's about all the exciting news for this week!  Sounds like everything is going well at home!!  School is starting again huh?  That's fun!  Sometimes I think I miss school and then I remember that I don't haha.  Maybe in another year I will miss it more.  Hopefully, cause I got a lot of school left! 

Those games for the sophomore day sound super fun!!  I wish I could watch them haha! 

Chances of me going back to the desert?  Hopefully high!! I love it out there!!  In reality though, I don't really know if I'll ever get back out there. :(  I'll be praying for it though!

Haha that's awesome you are going out to lunch with the carlsons!  I think I will have to go out to eat somewhere that day too!  It's so crazy that we've been out a year already!  
Well, I hope you all have a really great week!!  Thanks for all your prayers and love!  This church is true.  No doubt in my mind!

Love, Elder Wise

Friday, August 15, 2014


Well this week was pretty good!  It was a lot cooler this week than last week so that was good.  It was only like 90's all week.  Nice and cool!

The investigators are doing well.  Carlos is still progressing great!  And we have started teaching his twin brother David who is super cool too! So that was awesome!  Tony and Mike are doing alright.  The smoking thing is definitely an issue.  They need to stop smoking like today, if they are gonna make it by september.  We are praying so hard!!  Angel is doing really well too!  He is just such a little stud.  Haha he's so cool.  Shery is doing ok but she has to move out of her apartment, so she might be moving away.  We will probably refer her to the missionaries wherever she ends up moving.  
Let's see, we had MLC this week!  I really enjoy MLC.  We learned a lot about how we can work with members. Tomorrow is Zone meeting so we get to teach all the other missionaries about it now! Woohoo!  I am kind of excited to be able to go home and just be a member missionary haha.  They get to do all the really fun stuff!  That's not to say I don't have fun as a full time missionary though.  It's a blast!!  

This is the last week of the transfer, so it's gonna be a boss week!  Next monday I will find out if I'm staying in Colton or heading on to another place.  I kind of hope I get to stay one more transfer.  Then I will get to see Carlos and Angel and Mike and Tony be baptized.  That would be the best! 

Well, that's really all that went down this week.  I'm glad you are all having fun in Montana!  I am seriously, SOOOOOO Jealous!!!  

And I'm glad to hear the auction went well mom!  That sounded super fun!! 

Well, I hope you all have a fantastic week!! I love you guys! 

Love, Elder Wise

P.S.  I'll send some pics since my letter was kinda short.  Sorry!

Sooooo many black widows by Carlos' house!

This is George.  Sherry's son.  He is pretty much the cutest kid ever!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Rain Rain Rain

It cooled down this week!  It was only high 80's!  And it rained.  Hard.  Torrential downpour for like 3 hours.  Luckily, we were able to camp out at a members house for a while.  When the rain finally slowed down we were able to ride again.  We got pretty soaked.  The roads were all flooded.  We were riding through like a foot of water.  It was really fun!  It only lasted a day though.  Now it's back to being hot.
This week was pretty good!  We had a Zone Conference which was pretty good. We learned a lot about how we can help members with their missionary work.  It should help a TON!  So I am excited to start working on that.  

Our investigators are still doing well!  Mike is still kind of struggling with smoking and drinking.  So pray hard for him!  He's the one being baptized on the 6.  And Tony is also still struggling with that.  Carlos is still doing awesome! Still no word from the First Presidency yet though.  Hopefully soon! 

Other than that, this week was kinda boring.  Nothing much really went on.  

That auction sounds super fun though mom!  I bet that will be sweet!  

I'm so sad to hear about Gunnar.  Darn. I will keep praying for him.  

When do you need the talk for Lucie's baptism?  I need a deadline haha.  

Yeah I got the Montana Package!  It was awesome!! Thanks so much!! 

And I will definitely write to Sadie this week.  No problem haha.  

Love you all!  Have a great week!!! 

Love, Elder Wise

P.S.  Sorry this one was kinda short.  I'm super short on time today.