Monday, February 24, 2014

Hey Guys!

Alrighty.  Well last week was pretty great!  We had an awesome lesson with Sherry last week!!  We took the Willinsky's with us which was the best idea we've ever had.  Good thing the Spirit told us to do it. So the Willinsky's have a crazy history.  They are both on their third marriage.   And Sherry is currently going through a separation and stuff.  So we walked in to the lesson and literally just sat there for a while and listened to the willinsky's relate to sherry and help her out.  Then we read some stuff from the BOM with her that was totally perfect and it was exactly what she needed to hear and it was just so cool.  The Spirit is the best.  And then the Willinsky's invited her to dinner for tonight, so tonight is gonna be awesome!! 
Also, this last Sunday Tommy came to church!!! Yay!!! It was really great!  Tommy is awesome.  We have only taught him one lesson but him and his grandma study the BOM every night!  It's so cool!! 
The really exciting news is what's happening this week. Wednesday actually.  We get to go to the temple!!!!!! YAY!!!!!  It's so great!!  We only get to go about once every 4 months or so I think.  So this week's schedule is kinda wierd.  Today isn't actually P-Day.  But the Pres has given us permission to email today so you all don't freak out.  P-Day has been switched to wednesday this week so we will do all our P-Day stuff then.  So today we've just been out working like normal.  It's a great time! Haha

That was the highlights of the week though.  Past that it was kind of boring.  Oh except we went on exchanges twice last week.  Once with the ZL's and once with the DL.  It was a great time! 

Well it sounds like things at home are going great! The B and G sounds way fun!! I'm glad everyone liked the hot dogs!!
The only PGHS counselor that is actually cool and is helpful is the german lady.  I can't remember her name.  Ask sister Hardman.  She would know.  
Also, I think I am still missing one of the Valentine's packages.  It should get here soon though haha.  Hopefully.  I got the Peas one last week.  It was great!! 
Well, I'm sure I missed replying to something.  Sorry! But I don't have much time today.  Love you all!!  I'll let you know how the temple is :)
Have a great week!!
Love, Elder Wise :)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Greetings from President Obama

I don't know if you all knew this or not but Obama was in California this weekend!  And even better, he was in my area.  Which means...wait for it....we tried to talk to him!!!  We walked up to the secret service guys and introduced ourselves and asked them what was going on and stuff.  We talked to them for a few minutes and then they were like "feel free to hang around if you want, just don't walk up the road" and then they walked away.  So we didn't get a chance to ask them if we could talk to the president.  But it didn't sound like they were too keen on anybody getting anywhere near the president haha.  But hey, we tried. 

Let's see, what else.  Oh on Saturday we had a zone conference.  All the missionaries (36) in the stake had a meeting with the mission president.  President Van Cott is awesome!  Such a cool guy.  So that was all day on Saturday.  And then Sunday we tried to talk to the president and then we met with Sherry.  She's doing great!  Still can't get sundays off work though.  So we are still praying for that. 

And Tommy is doing well too.  Have I mentioned him before? I feel like I have.  Anyways, we couldn't meet with him on Sunday but his grandma told us that they've been reading the Book of Mormon together every night and now they are in the book of Jacob.  So that's awesome!! I guess he has a bunch of questions about baptism by fire and stuff.  So we are super excited to meet with him this week!!

And that's kinda all that happened last week. It was kind of slow for some reason. 

That's so awesome about the Olympics!! And all the Mormons over there haha!  That's so awesome!  Good for them! 

The new stake presidency is awesome!!  That's great!

I got 3 packages last week from you mom. Is that all of them?  They were awesome!! Thanks!!  And I LOVE the pics and letters from Lucie!!  They are hanging on my wall haha.  I smile every time I read them. 

Well, I love you all!!  I hope you stop getting sick and stuff. That's no fun!  Missionary work is awesome!  :)

Love, Elder Wise

Monday, February 10, 2014

Oh boy!!

Well this last week was pretty great.  Let's see.  We met with Sherry twice this last week.  And we put her on track to be baptized on March 8!!  It's looking like it might have to be pushed back though cause she hasn't been able to get Sundays off of work and to make things worse her son is moving to Utah and he wants to be the one to baptize her so they might wait a while.  It's complicated all of a sudden.  She is progressing and we are still teaching her so that's great. 
We were also able to get another new investigator last week. His name is Tommy. We invited him to be baptized and he said no.  I don't think he really understands the importance of baptism so that's what we are going to teach him next.  Once the Spirit get's working on him he'll come around I'm sure!
Dinner with the Carlson's on Saturday was great too!!  They loved El Gallito.  Which of course, everybody does haha.  It's so good!! 
Yesterday the Sisters in our ward had a baptism.  His name is Rick Willinsky.  He's so awesome!!  He's been coming to church regularly for about 12 ish years.  Most people thought he was already a member.  But the Sisters were finally able to get him to be baptized.  Well, technically the Holy Ghost did but you know what I mean.  Anyways, it was really awesome.  It was kind of a missionary reunion too cause a few missionaries traveled down to see it cause when they were here a while back they were working with him so they wanted to see.  But it was really awesome!
This was yesterday at the baptism. 
   Sister Lee, Sister Busenbark, Sister Landgren, Me, Sister Akagi, and Elder Stafford. 
     Lee and Akagi were the ones that traveled down for the baptism. 
And that was pretty much our week.  It was great! 
Sounds like things at home are exciting!!!  I can't wait to get my Valentines packages haha! And no I never got the CNY one.  My guess is the ZL's will pick it up and give it to me tomorrow.  I did get the new journal though!  Thanks Uncle Jim and Aunt Susan!
Hahaha mom those stories are awesome! I want to serve on temple square haha.  I can't believe he actually swallowed a cigarette.  My goodness haha. 
The ward party sounds awesome!!  We are having a ward party coming up at the beginning of March.  It's like a game night potluck type dealio.  It should be cool.  But the Price is Right sounds awesome!!  Just out of curiosity, how old is Brian Hardman? haha
Family day sounds fun too!  I miss watching the Olympics haha.  They are so fun!!  And the alarm went off at church? That's awesome too!  I'm really tempted to try out our building's alarm now haha.  Jk that would be no bueno!

Poor Lucie.  She is picked on a lot.  haha she's so funny!
Well, I love you all, have a great week!!! Oh and stay tuned for some pics cause I'm finally on a computer that will let me send some!! Yay!! :)
Love you!
-Elder Wise
We went on a hike a while back.
Sunrise from last Wednesday I think.

Sister Busenbark is ridiculously good at slack-lining.  Which is one of our favorite P-Day past times. haha

I'm clearly not as good! haha

El Gallito makes MASSIVE tacos.  And Sister Akagi can pound it all.  Haha

Theres a park we often go too that has hundreds of ducks.  And this one had an afro. haha

The lunch of champions...1 box of macaroni and Mt Dew in a champagne glass.  yes. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

The Broncos Lost

Don't worry, I didn't watch the super bowl.  But it was on while we were eating at a members house and I happened to see the end result.  Poor Broncos.  Sorry guys.

Anyways, last week was pretty good. According to our numbers we did lot's more than last week!  Yay! Let's see.  Well here's a story.  So last Tuesday night we were out walking around and we met a kid named Nefi.  Which of course is the Spanish translation of Nephi!  Which is what we told the kid and he seemed really stoked about it and he wanted us to come and teach him the lessons.  Well we were super excited about that!  So excited that we decided to walk the same route the next morning.  To our dismay, the Book of Mormon we had given to Nefi was in the ditch.  In the mud.  And had been run over by a car.  Sad. Day.  And then we tried to call him a couple days later and he hung up on us.  So we dropped that guy.

Nefi's Book of Mormon

On the good side of the week though, we were able to get a new investigator!!  Yay!!  Her name is Shelley Bright and she is the mom of one of the members in our ward.  She is pretty great.  She was really interested in prophets and seemed really interested while we were teaching her the restoration.  We have a return appointment tomorrow night!  It's great!

Also, we were able to set up some appointments with some people for this week so by next Monday, we will hopefully have at least 3 more!! It's really great!!

The other enjoyable part of the week happened yesterday.  We were at church and this crazy guy with pink sweat pants, black dress shoes, a tan button up shirt, wearing a pink backpack and carrying an old beat up golf club came and talked to the missionaries.  Well he rambled for a while and he had a thick accent so I wasn't really paying attention but then all of a sudden he was staring at me and it was apparent that he had told me something.  So I was like "Wait what?"  And he was like "You wear nice clothes but Jesus is not in your heart."  And I was like "Hold up.  Yes he is."  And that seemed to calm him down.  Haha he was nuts.  It was a great time.

Well it sounds like things at home are fun!!  Wow mom, you've been busy haha.  You see more people in a week than I do haha.  Well probably not but still.  At least they let you in.  And Ruby River sounds awesome!!  And I'm glad your leg is almost better!  And way to go Sadie!!!  That's awesome!!  Way to swim!
Chinese New Year sounded like a great time!!  I still haven't gotten that package though.  Which is pretty weird.  I'm sure it'll come soon though.  Can't wait!!

And I'm totally jealous of Dad and John and Trent!  There have been some people up here from Pocatello and I asked them if they ever went to Geraldines and they were like "Heck yeah!  We love that place!"  It made me crave some Geraldines haha.

Oh and this weekend we are going out with the Carlson's again!  We are taking them to El Gallito!  Have I told you about that place?  It's pretty much the best Mexican food around.  And the Carlson's have never been there!  So that'll be way fun :)

Well, I hope you are all doing well!  Missionary work is totally bomb.  Love you guys!!!

  -Elder Wise

This is a funny card that I saw.