Monday, April 20, 2015


Well this last week was pretty good.  Not a whole lot happened.  The Katomski's were pretty busy this week so we didn't really get to meet with them a whole lot.  They are still doing well though, and progressing.  Which is good!   We didn't pick up any new investigators this week, but we have some really good solid potentials for the next couple days which is nice.  So we are looking forward to this week!

Yesterday we had a missionary fireside for the ward.  President Van Cott came and spoke at it.  It was really good!  Mostly just talking about member missionary work.  Elder Chavez and I missed most of it because of other appointments, but we did catch the end, and then had some great dessert!  So that was pretty cool.  

This is the last week of the transfer, so I will know next monday whether I am staying in Yucaipa for another 6 weeks or not.  I guess we will see!  I really have no guess as to whether or not I'll be staying or going.  Anything could happen.

Let's see...yeah I think that's about it.  Glad everything is going well at home though!  I can't wait to see where Lars will be going! That's so exciting! Tell Aunt Susan hi for me. And I will definitely read that talk by Pres. Benson!  It sounds really good! 
Riley is getting married? Good for him!  Yeah I know Shani.  At least I think I do. And Jared is getting married too? That's awesome!  No, I don't think I ever met Alyssa.  That's awesome!   Haha and I would love to help Lucie with her soccer when I get home! That would be super fun! 

Well I hope you all have a fantastic week!!  Missionary work is the greatest :) 

Love Elder Wise 

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