Monday, July 13, 2015


Well this week was pretty insane.  We were pretty busy.  Let's see, where to start?  The first couple days were a little bit rough, because all of our appointments were falling through.  But by the end of the week we were busy all the time.  We were able to pick up some new investigators!!  Dana, Frankie, Levi, and Nick.  Dana is the mom, Frankie and Levi are her sons, and Nick is a friend of the kids.  We met with them 3 times this week! At the end of the lesson they always say "Can you come back tomorrow?" haha.  They love learning about the gospel.  They don't have much religious background at all, and are really only familiar with Christ's name. So whenever we teach we have to really go back to the basics and teach them who Christ was, what he did, etc.  It's a good opportunity for Elder Houskeeper though since he's learning to.  So they are awesome.

Our other investigators are doing well too. We had a good lesson with Sister Huffer.  We are going to push her baptismal date back to August 8 though, cause there were a couple complications.  But everything should be alright.  We also found several pretty solid potentials this last week that hopefully we will be able to teach this week.  

I also got to go on a couple of exchanges this last week. One with Elder Webb, which was a great time, and one with an Elder Frost. He's a good guy. He came out at the same time as me.  So that was exciting.  

This next week should be pretty crazy too. One of my roommates, Elder Siddoway, is going home on Wednesday, so his companion is going to be with Elder Houskeeper and I for a week or so, until we find out transfers next week. So that'll be fun! I've never been in a trio before.  

Glad to hear that you all had a great time in Montana!! It sounds like so much fun!!  I can't wait to go back there sometime haha. Yeah I hope the boat is fixed by the end of summer!!!  That would be so bad if it wasn't, and I didn't have a way to go skiing.  I think that's priority 1 to make sure it's ready haha. 

Well, I hope you are all doing well!! Have a great week! The church is true :)

Love, Elder Wise

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