Monday, October 14, 2013

Hey Jack!

Hello everyone!  I'm glad P-Day is finally here!!  Last week went pretty good.  Not a whole lot of stuff happened though.  Lets see.

On Saturday we had exchanges. It's a fun time I guess.  Mostly just annoying.  I had to pack up pretty much everything and take it to a different house where I stayed for a night and then I had to take it all back to the Massey's and unpack again.  It was fun though.  It's nice to get to see a different part of town for a change.  

Past that, nothing much else happened.  We didn't have too many appointments set up for last week so we decided to just go out and tract, even though we aren't really supposed to.  But it's better than just sitting around.  We don't get to do anything over social media either.  Not yet anyways.  Within the next year or so we might be able to start using facebook and other stuff like that.  So we just went out and walked around.  Which is good cause I'm starting to get fat since we just drive everywhere and eat a lot.  I've been working out in the mornings though so that's good.  

Chris is doing well, but we didn't get to see her yesterday.  She was with her mother and daughter and nieces doing some stuff.  But hopefully we will get to go see her next Sunday.  Thanks for praying for her and stuff!!! I know it will help a ton.  Prayer is amazing.  

On Saturday, we were in the area of Dave's sister so we called her up and tried to go see her.  She told us to just stop by whenever and that if she was gonna leave she would call us.  Well, as we were climbing out of our car in front of her house, she called and said she was going up the canyon for a bit.  So we just missed her.  I tried calling her again later that night but she didn't answer.  So I'll have to try and go back to see her sometime.  I was bummed that we didn't get to go talk to her.  

P-Days are usually pretty great.  We always get together with the whole zone and do something fun.  Today we played some volleyball and last week we went to a corn maze/petting zoo/pumpkin patch.  It was a good time!! I had left my camera at home though :( gosh dang it.  So no pics of that.  

It's crazy to think that pretty much all my friends are out of the MTC now and in the field.  It's so cool!! Missionary work is awesome.  

Well, I don't have much else to mention haha.  Hopefully next week there will be more cool stuff to talk about :)  If I forgot to mention something just let me know :)

I love you guys! Hope you are all doing well.  Keep being member missionaries!  They are the key to everything.  

Have a great week!! 

Love, Elder Wise

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