Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Happy Happy!

Hello hello!! This week has been pretty good.  It didn't really feel like we did a whole lot but when we added up our numbers it turns out that we taught nearly 20 lessons this week!! So that was cool!!  We were also able to gain a couple new investigators yesterday as well!!  So we are pretty excited about that!!
Let's see, what all happened this week?  On Tuesday we met with Elder Walker of the Seventy.  He's the guy in charge of all the temples and temple presidents of the world.  He's a really cool guy.  I asked him if he knew President Thorderson and he said he did!! So that was a fun time.  He taught us some cool stuff.  We dissected Alma chapter 8.  It's such a great chapter!! I was also able to see Elder Reber from PG, and Sister Young (Paige) so that was sweet!! They are both doing well!. 
After the meeting we went and saw one of our investigators and he showed us his lizard.  It's huge!! So that was really cool too.  I'll send some pics.  

 This week has been a really great car week!!!!  First off, on wednesday we were driving up around in the really rich part of town, and we stopped by a guys house just on a whim.  We had met him our first week in Yucaipa and hadn't ever been able to see him again cause he's usually gone.  But that day we just decided to stop by.  Well, it turns out he was there and so we were talking to him and we soon came to find out that one of his hobbies is buying and restoring and reselling super nice cars.  So guess what was in his garage?!  A 1989 Ferrari!!!!  It was unreal!!  He's taking it to auction pretty soon.  He's hoping to get about $100,000 for it.  It's such a beautiful car.  And sitting next to it in his garage was a super cool 2004 Viper.  So that was a really great day. 
Love the reflection of his tie in the window!
 Also, on Friday, there was a big carnival/car show/concert/pretty much everything in town and the people running it knew the missionaries and got all of us to volunteer and help out.  It was cool though cause Elder Seright and I were put on garbage duty so that involved walking up and down the street, picking up garbage, but also looking at all the sweeeeeeet classic cars!!! There were TONS of them!!!  I got loads of pics! One of the guys even let me climb in his 66 Chevelle and take a pic.  It was really sweet!!!
The other fun thing that happened this week was our wards Trunk-or-Treat.  That was Saturday night.  It was pretty fun!! It was probably the most elaborate ward party I've ever seen.  And there were tons and tons of people there!!  One of our investigators even came! So that was really fun. 
Sadly, we didn't get to see Chris again.  Gosh dang it.  I don't think she's purposely avoiding us though.  So that's probably a good sign.  Hopefully we will catch her sometime.  I don't even know anymore.  One of the fun things Seright and I have started doing is we made a calendar of all the birthdays in the ward and we call them on their birthday and sing to them.  Haha it's a fun time.  People seem to appreciate it!
Transfers are this week.  But we found out today whether or not we will be going anywhere.  Elder Seright and I are both staying in Yucaipa for another 6 weeks!!  I'm kinda glad I'm not leaving.  I'm just starting to get the hang of the place!! Haha
Anyways, Sounds like there's a lot of stuff going on at home and in the ward!!  That's crazy about Guy and Paula!  Fun stuff!!!
Birthday.  I'm pretty sure there's a place around here that sells shoes.  I'll double check though and tell you next week.  Also, there's not a whole lot of restaurants but there are a few.  I'll check on that as well :)  Thanks!!  I have no idea about the winter coats thing.  I also don't know about the suit coats and stuff.  I should probably find that out.  Seright has only been here 6 months so winter here is new to him too. 
That story about the missionaries in NYC is sweet!!!  We should try to find something like that to do here haha. 
Lucie's plans for her baptism sound awesome!! I'd love to write a talk for it haha!  Also, I will try my best to get a baptism on that day :) 
Well, I hope everyone is doing well!!  Missionary work rocks!  Love you!!
-Elder Wise
(Note from Mom)
Man I love this kid!

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