Monday, March 9, 2015


Man this week was pretty crazy.  Let's see, where to start.  Well, we had Stake Conference this week!  Elder Packer (President Packer's nephew) came and spoke to the stake.  He is amazing!  It was an incredible conference!  It was held at the Redlands stake center which is a lot bigger than the Yucaipa one.  And it happens to be literally right next door to the Temple.

So our Stake President and his wife are the main fellowshippers that we have for the Katomski family, who have been meeting with missionaries for years.  So we usually have them call and invite the Katomski's to church or whatever.  Well, we knew that Elder Packer was going to be staying at the Stake Presidents house while he was in town, so we figured it would be a great opportunity to go over and ask him to call our investigators and invite the Katomski's to stake conference!  A personal invitation from a member of the Seventy would totally guarantee their attendance! So we went over there Friday night, and sadly Elder Packer wasn't going to arrive in Yucaipa until the following morning, but we asked Pres. Cartozian if he would be willing to call the Katomski's at least, which he agreed to do.  But then as we were leaving he said that IF they had time the next morning, he would take Elder Packer by and personally invite them!  Well we prayed very very hard that they would have enough time.  And they did!  We were doing some service for the Katomski's Saturday morning, when they pulled up in front of the house!  I couldn't believe it had actually happened!  So Elder Packer and Pres. Cartozian had a nice little convo with them, and invited them to conference.  And the Katomski's were super stoked about it!  Especially since after the Conference, the Temple grounds would be open and people could walk around and take pictures and stuff.  So that was super cool.  And then Satan attacked Saturday night and Brother Katomski ended up going to the ER and Sister Katomski had to work Sunday morning, and they slept in too late to get ready in time, and they didn't make it.  Luckily though, Sister Katomski was able to get off work in time to meet us right after the conference ended and take the temple tour which she really enjoyed.  

The other awesome thing that happened was that we found a new investigator, well actually a former, she was taught a few years ago, and she wants to be baptized!!  We have the date set for April 11.  But it's possible that we could move it up a little bit if she is able to come to church and everything runs smoothly.  Her name is Amber.  She is amazing! 

 And those were the highlights of the week!  It was pretty awesome.  We had a very good week.  We stopped by Joanie's house a couple of times, but she wasn't home.  I will give her a call this week and try to set something up.  It's nice because we have to drive right past her house as we drive from our homeshare to our area.  So it's very convenient! 

Yeah the package was great!  I was able to wear the sweaters a couple times before it got hot again haha.  There is a senior couple in our ward who work in the mission office, so when they saw the package come in on Wednesday, they just grabbed it on their way home and hand delivered it!  They are so nice!  

Glad everything is going well back home!  Good luck during campaigns Sadie!  It sounds like your posters will be pretty legit!  And I can't believe Chris is coming home!  That's so cool!    And Emily is going to Korea? Dang that's so cool!  She will love it.  

So Chuzi will be there next Monday?  That will be super fun!  Yeah she has 3 younger brothers.  The oldest is pretty interested in the church, but is insanely busy with work and school so we never really got to talk to him.  And the middle one is semi interested, and the youngest isn't really interested at all.  But he comes to stuff with the rest of his fam.  They are all super cool though! 

Anyways, I hope you all have a great week!  The church is true.  Missionary work is bomb.  

Love, Elder Wise

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