Monday, August 3, 2015


Holy moly.  Ok this last week was pretty good!  We had quite a bit of success! Let's see, well this week we had a senior couple move into the area. Elder and Sister Schroeder. They are super awesome!!  They are from Idaho and they are just super excited to be here. They are such a blessing to the ward. They actually cover both wards here in Yucca Valley.  So we took them to several lessons with us and it has been amazing.  Miracles are occurring. They are able to work with a lot of single sisters we can't meet with, and connect with some of the older people we have been trying to help.  For instance, there is a super nice old lady that we have been teaching (she was in the other elders area), but not too long ago she found some crazy anti stuff on the internet, so we have been trying to help her get through all that, but it's been a little bit difficult. But we took the Schroeders over with us and Sister Schroeder connected with her so well!!  And we were able to clear up several of her concerns I think.  They were also able to meet with a couple that have been having some marital problems, which Houskeeper and I clearly don't have experience in, and were able to help a lot. So it is just super great to have them here!!

The baptism that we have set up for the 15 of August is still on track too!!  Her name is Lisa and she is super awesome. She had her interview this week and passed with flying colors.  And then she came to church as well which was really the only thing holding her back. So everything is good to go for the 15th!  And Sister Huffer is doing great as well, her baptism date is set for August 22. So I won't be here, but she is super duper excited for it.  For some reason Frankie and Levi (the kids we were teaching) vanished off the face of the earth for the whole week, but we were finally able to catch them last night and have another appointment for tonight. So that was really good.  Lot's of great things happened this week. Sadly I don't have time to go through them all.  But it was a great week. Suffice to say.  

Glad to hear everything is going well at home! No I haven't gotten lucie's letter yet, but I bet I get it today or tomorrow. Can't wait!! Sounds like everyone is having a pretty fun summer!! 

Love you all!! Stay tuned for my last letter next week!  so crazy!!

Love, Elder Wise :)

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