Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Last Week...!

I can't believe there's only one week left! That's so insane! It's really shaping up to be a fantastic week though. We are going to be busy busy busy everyday.  Last week was pretty awesome too.  First off, the baptism that was scheduled for this Saturday is still on! And in fact, it's actually going to be a double baptism! Lisa (the mom) is going to be baptized, as well as her daughter Lakota! We have to work fast for Lakota though. Originally she wasn't really on board to be baptized with her mom, but she decided she really wants to be. She's 8 yrs old.  So we are meeting with them every day this week, and her interview is tomorrow.  There shouldn't be any problems though. So we are really excited about that!

Also, one of the people we are teaching made some great progress this week. A few weeks ago she started looking on the internet and found a lot of anti stuff.  But despite that she has continued to let us come by. It's been really cool to see the change in her though. She used to be very argumentative about everything and would always reject invitations, but now we have helped her get past most of that and in the last week she read all the way from 1 Nephi 1, to 2 Nephi 6!  And her heart has softened soooo much!  It's so cool to see the Spirit working on her heart.  She's still not quite willing to come to church with us, but we are almost there! Hopefully next Sunday

That's most of the awesome spiritual stuff. One of the cool things that happened though was on Saturday night.  We went to contact an investigator that lives pretty close to our house, and as we got out of the car I heard a U2 song playing really loudly.  And I was like "heck yeah!". At first I thought it was the neighbors just blasting some music, but I soon found out that at the park just down the road, there was a U2 Tribute band playing.  2 hours of straight U2 classics haha.  They were actually pretty good! I'm definitely going to have to listen to the real U2 Concert when I get home haha. Oh and don't worry, we didn't stay for the whole 2 hours. We only listened for a minute or two haha. 

And yeah, I think that's about it.  Glad to hear everything is going well!! The camp out sounds pretty fun! That's too bad that Lucie wasn't feeling too good though.  

Well, I can't wait to see you guys!! Just one more week! :)

Love, Elder Wise

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