Monday, November 11, 2013

Hey Hey!!

Last week was pretty good!  It didn't really feel like we did too much cause a lot of our appointments fell through.  We were able to see Leonard, and Guy, and Chris.  Leonard still isn't interested in really learning about the gospel so we just talk with him and share little scripture thought.  When we saw Guy he cooked us up his mom's famous tai recipe for Fried Rice.  It was amazing!!  And then we went out and played some B-Ball on the hoop that's finally done!!  I'll send some pics later.  
It was Chris's B-Day yesterday so we didn't teach her a lesson.  I had offered to make her a birthday cake for her birthday but she didn't want one.  She told us she wanted a white flower.  So we went and found some white roses and took them to her.  She loved them!  So that was fun!

But past that stuff, the week was pretty slow.  I wish I had more to report.  Maybe next week!!
That's so sad to hear about all the crazy stuff happening in the ward.  It's fun that you are getting a baptism though!! That's sweet!!  

I wasn't ever able to get a hold of Joanie.  I will try again this week and we will go and try to see her.  

Way to go Sadie on the swim meet!!  Cedar City was Keven's favorite swim meet ever.  I'm sure you'll love it!!  

I'm super jealous of the young men!!!! I wish I could go on a helicopter ride! That's the best thing ever!! 

Thanks Uncle Eric for the ideas!!  We have been trying to get with the bishop about people giving talks and stuff.  And I told my ZLs about talking with the Mayor.  So we will see what happens there :)  Thanks!

Love you guys!!! 

-Elder Wise 

PS  I think I will make a cake for my bday.  That's a great idea!!

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