Monday, November 25, 2013

Wait for iiiiiiiiiit...


This week has been pretty good!!  I got all the rest of the letters and stuff from everyone on wednesday so that was awesome!!!  Thank you guys so much!!! 
The rest of the week was interesting.  It was pretty rainy, which is weird, all last week so we didn't do a whole lot of tracting and stuff.  We still got quite a bit done though.  I can't remember, have I told you about our investigator Roger?  Well, he is a guy we've been teaching for a while and this week, we were finally able to extend the baptismal invitation!!  My first one haha!  He said he would pray about it and get back to us haha.  The only thing that would hold him back from getting baptised really though is his wife.  She isn't very supportive of the whole thing.  We aren't really sure why.  So please pray for him! Thanks :)
 One of the other cool things of last week was that we had a little visitor.  We didn't find out until thursday night, but apparently a ward out  in Palm Dessert worked with Pres. Van Cott and set it up so that a few of the young men of that ward could come out to Yucaipa and hang out with us for 24 hours.  So friday night, we picked up Brother Brown, and he spent the night and saturday with us.  He was cool.  He's half brazilian and apparently they are going down to brazil for the world cup and the olympics and stuff so I was SUPER jealous haha. 

Our 24 hour missionary...Brother Brown!

 The last crazy thing that happened this week is that Chris might be getting married!!!  I guess Toby, her boyfriend who moved out a while ago, has just missed her too much haha.  He wants to get married next week.  It was all kind of sudden so she hasn't said yes yet.  She is thinking about it still. It's exciting though haha. 
Well, that's really all the exciting things that happened this week.  Oh actually, there was one more thing.  I called up Joanie to see if we could meet with her, and she said yes.  But she is super busy this week cause of the holiday so we won't be able to see her till the 2 or 3 of December.  So I'll call her then and set something up.
Holy cow!  There are a lot of eagles getting cranked out!  That's pretty cool. 
I think I heard about lucie taking swim lessons.  I bet she is the best in her class!!  I've heard that HS meets are better than HAST meets but I'm still not sure I would enjoy them haha.  Sorry sade. 
That's exciting about the senior couple missionaries!! That's the first time i've ever heard of it.  That'll be sweet!!! I wonder how it will all work out. 
And congrats mom on the missionary experience!! Being a missionary is awesome haha :)  Hopefully that will go somewhere!
So I'm super bummed I will be mission (see what he did there?) out on the Wise Family mashed potatoes and turkey and homemade rolls and all that!  Thanksgiving is looking like it'll be pretty good up here though.  It looks like we will be having two dinners! I'm gonna be fat.  Pray for my stomach!
Christmas will hopefully be spent here in Yucaipa!!!  I really want to stay at least one more transfer.  Transfers are on dec 10.  We will find out if we are staying or going though on the 9.  So hopefully I'll be staying. I have no idea what I want/need though.  I'll start thinking. 
The man I'm playing chess with is named Francis and he lives in a convalescent home.  He's less active and doesn't have any family or friends either alive or in Cali so we go and visit him every week.  Last week we played chess haha.

Well, I love you all!!! Missionary work is the best!!

Love, Elder Wise

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