Monday, March 24, 2014

Half way done already...

Man this transfer is flying by.  I feel like I just got here!  This last week was really good though!  Let's see... We had several good lessons with Bobby, who is our new investigator of this week and he is on date to be baptized April 5!! Hopefully it will happen!  Sadly, we haven't been able to see Ransom for a while and he's definitely not gonna make his April 5 date.  But hopefully we can meet with him this week and figure out what all is going on.  We weren't able to meet with Sabrina this week either which is sad but she was busy like all week.  We have an appointment with her tomorrow though so that'll be good! 
We did a lot of service this last week.  We met a guy named Eulices and he was cutting down his big tree so we spent a couple of nights helping him dig out the roots and the big stump.  I will send a pic. 

Earlier today we also went on a hike!  Which was really fun!  I'll send some pics of that too!
This is the view from the top of the mountain.  It was really smoggy today!
This is Elder Bird.  One of my roomies.  He's hilarious!

This is Elder Raff, Elder Bird, Elder Serfilippo and Douglas, the member who drove us up the mountain.
 Good job Sade!! On the student council app and the missionary experience too!!  You'll have to tell me more about it.  Since you didn't before and now I only know what mom told me haha. 
I am so stoked for general conference!!!!  It's gonna be awesome!!  It's crazy that this is my 2nd time watching it while on my mission.  I will only get 2 more times after this.  Sad day. 
That's awesome about all the missionaries getting ready to go out back in PG!! Good for them!! 
Well I love you all!! Have an amazing week!!!
Love, Elder Wise

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