Monday, April 7, 2014

The Earth Moves!!

I'm sure you all heard about the earthquakes around here. It's a fun time!! I actually didn't feel them at all but the other missionaries in our apartment say that the whole place was shaking pretty good.  But we were out on our bikes and didn't feel anything so no worries.
This last week was pretty good!  We taught a personal record of 23 lessons!  So that was cool.  And Bobby, our investigator who is getting baptized, is still on date and progressing, but we are pushing the date back to April 12.  So that's awesome!  We also picked up a couple new investigators this week.  Johnny and Carlos.  We have only talked to Johnny once, but Carlos is an investigator that the Hermana's have been teaching for a while.  He is on date to be baptized in June.  He's a pretty cool guy.  I don't really know much about him yet.  

This week we also had exchanges with our district leaders, which isn't normally worth talking about, but the Elder I was with for a day was the Elder that Elder Seright trained after me.  So all day we were reminiscing back to Yucaipa and all the people over there haha.  It sounds like Roger (if you remember him) knows the church is true but his wife doesn't really want him to get baptized, so he won't.  Which is a bummer.  And Leonard (the crazy old mexican guy) went to church once but still doesn't like taking lessons haha.  So that was fun to have an update.  

And I can't wait for conference this weekend!! It's gonna be so great!!  It's just awesome. Haha I love it.  

It sounds like life in PG was pretty good this week!!  Way to go on making student council sade!!!  That's awesome!! 

Lunch at school with Lucie sounds super fun!!  I can't wait until I can do that!! haha 

That's awesome to hear about Madi and Tien!  It's great that Alex got to baptize!!  And Bro James could confirm!  

I am so excited for Lucies baptism!!  Her plans sound really awesome!!  I will definitely write a talk and send it home and stuff.  That'll be really cool! And I'm glad you liked my video about baptism!  Haha I enjoyed making it!  

Thank you so much for your support and love!  I love you all!!  Missionary work is awesome!! 

Love, Elder Wise

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