Monday, April 7, 2014

Am I Really in Cali?

Haha so a little explanation about the title thingy.  I LOVED Elder Holland's talk and it just blew me away when he said he was more sure about the Restoration and the BOM being true, than he was sure that he was standing at the pulpit. Mind blown.  So now I'm not really sure I'm in Cali.  Haha that was kind of a lame joke but whatevs. 
Anyways, this week was pretty good! Our investigator Bobby is still on track to be baptized on the 12th, so that's super exciting!!!  It'll definitely be the highlight of this next week haha.  And obviously, the highlight of this last week was General Conference!!!  I loved it!! We watched it at the stake center in Rialto.  Since it was so far away we just hung out at the SC all day on Saturday, and on Sunday we watched the first session over there, and we watched the last session at a members house cause they really really wanted us to and they fed us dinner and stuff.  So it was pretty good.  My favorite talks were  Elder Holland, Elder Hales, Elder Nelson, Elder Christofferson, and the whole 1st presidency in the Priesthood sesh.  Haha I have a lot of favorites.  It was just awesome! 
I really missed spud nuts though.  I'm thinking that that will have to be the dessert at my homecoming.  :)  So get ready for that!  It sounds like it was a party Saturday night!!!  I didn't have a party haha.  We got an ice-cream cone from McDonalds.  Then went out and tried to see people haha.  It was good though!
It sounds like things back home are pretty crazy!! I'm glad that the RS cooking thing went well!  And I am SUPER jealous that Sadie gets to go skiing this week.  Deer Valley is great! And Spring Break is a great time!  Maybe you should go waterskiing!!  I would be down.  I day dream about waterskiing pretty much every day.  Not even joking.  I miss it so much. 
And yeah, Brother and Sister M went to Utah for the weekend so I gave them some of my pants to give to you cause they are super duper tight.  Hopefully they can get a hold of you sometime.  If not, it's cool.  I'll get them back and mail them or something. 
Well, I love you all!! And I love Missionary work!  Keep being awesome!  Oh, and like they said to do in conference, this last week we were studying chapter 5 of PMG.  We pick a chapter every week to focus on and try all week to really focus on applying the things in the chapter.  So there you go!  I don't really know what chapter we will be studying this week.  Haha
Love You!
Elder Wise

So a couple weeks ago I wrote a letter to an elderly less-active couple in Yucaipa who I made friends with way back when.  Well this letter came in the mail the other day.  It blew my mind haha.  I was pretty surprised.  Hopefully you can read it.

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