Tuesday, April 29, 2014


This week was pretty good!!  It wasn't super duper exciting though.  However, we did break our teaching record from last week haha.  25 lessons!  Woohoo! For reals though, like nothing really happened this week.  Carlos is doing really well.  It's his wife's B-Day today so we went over to there house this morning before she went to work and taped a whole bunch of balloons to the door and wrote her a little note and stuff haha.  And we are also going over there tonight to go over what we read from the BOM the last couple days.  Also, it turns out that the Sisters who were teaching Carlos before we got there didn't do a super great job, so we have started teaching all the lessons over again, to refresh his memory.  So that's cool.  
We saw Ransom a few times this last week which is ALWAYS a blast!!  He is seriously the coolest guy ever.  He's been working on our watches and so this week, on Thursday, he is taking us out to dinner and presenting them to us haha.  I can't even wait!  Also, I really need to make sure I stay in touch with him cause he invited us out to his Ranch in Arizona in a couple years.  The plan is I'll call him up, he'll fly me out in his jet, then he'll put me in his helicopter and we will fly to the ranch.  Once there we have free reign of horses and pretty much every out-door toy you can think of haha.  And 146,000 acres to play on.  plus, he has big rafts and you can go down this river on his raft, it's about a 6 hour ride, and then get helicoptered back hahaha.  The man is unreal.  And if you get bored with that, you can try hunting down his Kangaroo which roams around up there, or take pictures with the peacocks.  
Ladies and Gentlemen...Ransom!!

Haha so that's really all that happened last week.  Not much more to report.  Hopefully this week will be a little more exciting. 
The California trip sounded super fun!!!! I'm super jealous!! I can't wait until the reunion tour when I get to go too!  The beach and everything sounds awesome!!  And what a cool story!! The return trip sounded awesome!  Even though it took you a long time to get home, that is just a crazy story. 
It was weird to think that you were so close!  Especially for your last night here haha.  I'm glad you all had a great time though!  I can't wait till I get to go!
Holy moly!  I'm glad Grandpa is OK.  Thank goodness for the Holy Ghost!  It's sad to hear that the bike is messed up though.  Is he gonna get it fixed?  Be sure to give him a big hug for me!  And grandma had pleurisy?  What the heck.  I will definitely be praying for the old people! 
Love you guys!! Hope you have a great week!! 
Love, Elder Wise

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