Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dang It Was Hot!!

Well this week was pretty good. Hot hot hot though!  I think it topped out at 108 on Thursday.  dang.  We taught quite a few lessons this week.  Didn't quite beat our record but we were close!  All our investigators are doing really good though.  Carlos is still a boss and he came to church on Sunday.  Alex came to church too!  Tony didn't come for some reason, but hopefully we will be seeing him tonight and we can find out why.
We had a Zone Conference on Thursday which was pretty great!  We went into a lot of depth on how to plan correctly and stuff.  It was super good!  And then on Friday and Saturday we were on exchanges.  On Friday we exchanged with the Zone Leaders and then on Saturday we were on exchanges with the District Leader.  I liked Friday a lot more than I liked Saturday haha.  I got to be with Elder Bird who used to be one of our roommates and he is super funny.  We had a great time and we also taught like 9 lessons that day so it was super successful!  It was legit! 

Let's see, what else.  I think that's about all the exciting things that happened.  Not a super exciting week I guess haha.  

About the new shirts.  I would like some long sleeves and some short sleeves too probably.  I think I am wearing the same size.  I believe it's a 15-1/2.  I think that's referring to the neck size or something.  I don't know.  

And I'll be sure to let bobby know which one you liked.  I think you mentioned once that you had sent it back, but i never got it or anything, so idk.  And I think I'm still pretty good with address stickers and stuff.  I'm pretty sure I still have a bunch.  I can check though.  Thank you so much!!  

Sounds like you all had a pretty good week!  Bishop Keechs story was pretty funny haha.  I'm glad Lucie is feeling better too!!  That's super good!  
This is Elder Olsen.  He is one of our ZLs and a super cool guy.

This is Julian.  He is super funny and super crazy!

Well, I hope you all have a fantastic week!!!  Missionary work is awesome!!  Love you all!!

-Elder Wise

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