Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Half Way!!

Man, it's already half way through the transfer! Crazy!  This week was awesome!! It was super duper hot though.  Not fun at all.  My arms are getting super duper tan though haha.  I'm looking good! ;) jk   We broke our teaching record again haha.  32 lessons this week!!  That's killer!  We also found 3 new investigators!  They are pretty cool!  Also, we put our investigator Tony on date to be baptized!  He is getting baptized on the same day as Carlos!  So we are having a double baptism! That'll be awesome!  Carlos is doing really well still.  Just as solid as ever.  He's a boss!
Ransom is doing well also.  Yeah he still doesn't come to church yet, but we are hopefully going to be able to start teaching him lessons again next week!  So we are looking forward to that.  Let's see, what else happened this week?  Ummm, oh cool story about fasting.  Since yesterday was fast sunday I was fasting for new investigators, and then that night we found 3 of them!  That was awesome! Testimony builder for sure!

And next week is gonna be great!  I can't wait to skype with you guys!  I'll be getting on the computer to skype at a members house around 4 oclock.  So 5 oclock utah time.  So just be on Google plus or whatever around then and I'll get on and call home!  It's gonna be great!  

Sounds like you all had a good week too!  It's awesome that Jed and Julie could be there!  That's super fun!!  
Well that's about it.  I hope you all have a fantastic week!!!  I love you all!!  

Love Elder Wise

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