Friday, August 15, 2014


Well this week was pretty good!  It was a lot cooler this week than last week so that was good.  It was only like 90's all week.  Nice and cool!

The investigators are doing well.  Carlos is still progressing great!  And we have started teaching his twin brother David who is super cool too! So that was awesome!  Tony and Mike are doing alright.  The smoking thing is definitely an issue.  They need to stop smoking like today, if they are gonna make it by september.  We are praying so hard!!  Angel is doing really well too!  He is just such a little stud.  Haha he's so cool.  Shery is doing ok but she has to move out of her apartment, so she might be moving away.  We will probably refer her to the missionaries wherever she ends up moving.  
Let's see, we had MLC this week!  I really enjoy MLC.  We learned a lot about how we can work with members. Tomorrow is Zone meeting so we get to teach all the other missionaries about it now! Woohoo!  I am kind of excited to be able to go home and just be a member missionary haha.  They get to do all the really fun stuff!  That's not to say I don't have fun as a full time missionary though.  It's a blast!!  

This is the last week of the transfer, so it's gonna be a boss week!  Next monday I will find out if I'm staying in Colton or heading on to another place.  I kind of hope I get to stay one more transfer.  Then I will get to see Carlos and Angel and Mike and Tony be baptized.  That would be the best! 

Well, that's really all that went down this week.  I'm glad you are all having fun in Montana!  I am seriously, SOOOOOO Jealous!!!  

And I'm glad to hear the auction went well mom!  That sounded super fun!! 

Well, I hope you all have a fantastic week!! I love you guys! 

Love, Elder Wise

P.S.  I'll send some pics since my letter was kinda short.  Sorry!

Sooooo many black widows by Carlos' house!

This is George.  Sherry's son.  He is pretty much the cutest kid ever!

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