Monday, August 25, 2014

Carlos was Baptized!!!

Wow this week was awesome!!  Carlos' baptism went so well!!  There was only one problem.  I forgot my camera!  I was so sad.  Luckily, everyone else had theirs and they are sending me all their pics.  So don't worry, there will still be some pics coming.  Carlos wanted Elder Raff to baptize him, so we got to see him too!  All the Elders who have worked with Carlos over the last few months were there.  Elder Hayden, Elder Raff, Elder Urry, and Myself.  Plus a few others.  It was very well attended!!  And then he got confirmed yesterday during church!  It was so awesome!  He felt the Holy Ghost so strong!!  He said "I've never felt anything so strongly in my whole life!"  It was just awesome.  And now his brother David is even more stoked to be baptized!!  And Carlos is getting ready to get the priesthood so that he can baptize his brother.  It's just so sweet!!
Tony has been doing really great as well!  Although he has been sick the last couple of day so we haven't been able to meet with him.  But we had an amazing lesson with him earlier in the week!  The night before he had had a really amazing experience where his prayers were answered pretty much immediately and so all during the lesson he was just bearing his testimony that he "Knows without a doubt that God is there, and that he answers prayers".  He was so happy and full of the spirit it was unreal!!  The best part though was that after the lesson, which was about missionary work (which he has been doing!), he was riding away on his bike and he didn't know we were watching and he punched the air.  Breakfast Club status haha! It was just so awesome.  He is so excited to be baptized!  

The other elders in our ward had a baptism last night as well!  And guess who was there?!  Rick Willinsky!! He's my favorite!!  He drove Elder Thompson down here so he could be at the baptism and Rick new I was down here so he wanted to come see me!  It was so great to see him again! 

That's really all the highlights of the week.  Everyone is just doing great! 

Sounds like everything is going well at home! I'm glad to hear the first week of school went well haha! I haven't gotten your package yet but I'm sure it'll come this week! Also, my 7-11 card is just about out haha.  It's crazy that I've been out for a year!  Cray-cray!! 

Well, Hope you have a great week!!!  Love you all!!

Love, Elder Wise

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