Monday, November 17, 2014

Colton:Take 7

And there goes week one of my 7th transfer in Colton.  It wasn't too bad!  Plus, it even cooled down which was really nice.  I think I even wore a jacket one day.  Which is sad.  I'm now one of those wimpy Californians who are freezing when it's like 70.  Utah is gonna be tough next year haha.

Let's see, well on Monday we picked up a new investigator.  Her name is Michelle Cash.  She lives in the same apartment complex as Carlos and Grace. That's pretty much just where all of our investigators come from.  Which works out cause then they have like half a dozen perfect fellowshippers.  It's great! She's really cool.  

We did have some baptisms scheduled for this last Saturday but they didn't quite happen.  In fact, Brother Angel (who was so golden it was ridiculous)  has pretty much vanished from off the face of the earth.  We don't know what happened really but he ignores us and won't answer the door even though we know he's in there.  It's really sad.  

Sister Armstrong is still doing well.  Although she's been kinda sick lately.  And she keeps going out of town for random reasons so that's no good.  She's been thinking and praying about a baptism date though.  So hopefully she will be baptized here in the next month or two.  

We had a zone conference this last week as well which was super awesome!!  We talked about two main things.  Conversion, and the Book of Mormon.  It was really really good.  I learned lots about the process of conversion, and how to ask inspired questions and answer them with the Book of Mormon.  Since it's the book of Mormon that really does all the conversion.  They tied together quite nicely.  

Church yesterday was pretty good.  Lazarus and Gloria were able to make it again, along with a couple other investigators.  My favorite part though was that my favorite little kid, Angel Pasillas (the one who was going to be baptized, but moved away right before), came back and went to church with us!! It was great to see him.  Plus, it's really cool cause it turns out that one of his best friends is Raul Santiago, who we baptized last month.  So they were hanging out and having a good time.  And Raul's big brother Angel was able to get the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday as well!  So next week he'll be passing the sacrament!  It's just so awesome! 

I did get the package you sent!  Don't worry, I haven't opened it yet.  Although I've been tempted.  I'm sure I'll love it! Thanks so much! 

Glad to hear everything is going well at home!  Sound freezing!  I'm kinda jealous and kinda not haha.  I do miss snow though.  

congrats on getting your drivers license Sadie!  That's sweet!  Just don't crash my car :)

Well, thanks for everything!!  Hope you have a fantastic week!! Love you all! 

Love, Elder Wise

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