Monday, November 24, 2014


Woohoo!  Thanksgiving is coming up!  That's going to be bomb.  I'm excited.

This last week was pretty good!  Let's start with the B-Day.  Somehow everyone found out that it was my birthday and everyone wanted to feed me.  So we ended up eating like 5 or 6 meals that day.  I was so full.  It started in the morning.  I was craving some butterscotch rolls so I made those for breakfast, and then the Sisters brought a bunch of peanut butter bars to District Meeting to celebrate.  Then after that we went to lunch at P&G's which was delicious.  And then we had dinner with the Jones family, who made Burgers and Cake.  Delicious!  And then we went over to the Sardars that night, and they made us an entire dinner as well.  So I was super stuffed that day haha.  It was awesome though!  And I got the packages and letters!!  I love the new hoodie!  It's super comfy!  And I loved all the letters!  I got Lucie's haha.  Good ol Whoopy cushions!! I love it! 

This week we were finally able to volunteer for a service project off of  There hasn't been a project in our area up to this point so we weren't able to do it, but now we have a few different ones!! On Thursday we volunteered at a Food Pantry and helped prep a bunch of food bags to be handed out to people in the community. It was pretty fun!  We are probably going to go back and help out again this Friday.  

Friday night was our ward's Thanksgiving party.  They had a big dinner and stuff.  The Sardars and the Shad's and Sister Armstrong all were able to make it and they had a great time!  It was really fun! 

The sad part of the week was that pretty much every set appointment we had fell through.  It was kind of a bummer.  We weren't able to do a whole lot of teaching this week.  But that's ok!  This week is looking like it's going to be awesome!  We are going to put the Sardars on date for January hopefully.  We kept trying to do it this week, but like I said, nothing was working out.  Sadly there aren't any baptisms set for Christmas time or anything.  But there should be quite a few in January!  And we have really been focusing on finding new investigators lately.  Which is turning out to be quite the challenge. But, we'll just keep trying I guess. 

Well, it sounds like things are going well back home!  I can't believe it's snowing and stuff haha!  That's so fun! Yeah it's been pretty chilly around here.  Around 70-75.  Brrrr.  haha 

Well, I hope you all have a fantastic week!! Happy Thanksgiving!!
Love, Elder Wise 

P.S.  The church is true
My new jacket!

And last night for dinner we had a frying party!  We just fried up everything and everything.  This is a plate of all the things we tried!  My new favorite thing to fry is Twinkies.  Hands down.  Soooo good!  The Poptarts were pretty bomb too.  haha

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