Monday, September 30, 2013

Holy Moly!

(little note from Mom--I've been having missionary mail anxiety.  Last week he emailed first thing in the morning.  We just barely got the email for today.  Sheesh!)

Hello Hello!!
This has been a crazy week!! I don't even know where to start! I guess I'll start with the bike situation.  It's so awesome.  WE GOT A CAR!! YAY!!!  My legs are very thankful haha.  We also got a phone! YAY!!! So things are really starting to pick up around here haha. Ready for the big news?? We have an investigator as well!!!! Haha it's a great time.  We have only met with her once so far though.  Hopefully she stays interested and wants to keep going.  We fasted for all day on Sunday and I've been praying for her.  I think she is going to be really receptive.  It's great!  We were also able to teach a few other lessons last week.  So things really are starting to happen.  It's great!!
Sounds like things are pretty crazy at home!! I can't believe I'm missing out on spudnuts and stuff this year.  It's pretty rough.  I think I'm gonna try and make some butterscotch rolls sunday morning though.  Gotta keep with tradition!  Haha
Thanks for sending my knife! I can't wait till it gets here :)  Zoe sent me a letter in the mail and it took about 5 days for it to finally get to my house.  I think there is kind of a long layover at the mission office.  It's annoying.  But I LOVE LOVE LOVE gettting letters so feel free to send one any time :)
I guess I'll tell a little story really fast.  We got a referral from the stake presidents son-in-law Rick, so we decided to go and check it out.  Rick went with us.  The man's name is Leonard.  He's fantastic.  Not really a potential investigator but really great nonetheless.  Anyways, we went over there and when he first saw us through the door we heard him say "Gotta get those *darn* preachers off the porch!" haha but he let us in and this is where the story gets kinda funny.  Leonard is an 89 year old mexican with a paralyzed left foot.  He fell off a horse in his driveway onetime and broke his back and ever since then he's been paralyzed.  Anyways, he wheeled his chair over to the door and let us in and as I walked in I realized something.  He was sitting there in just his underwear!! Some nice boxer-briefs.  Haha all that went through my head was lucie singing "I see london I see france, I can see your underpants!"  Haha it was great.  He is a hard-core cowboy.  He LOVES riding horses and stuff and did a ton of riding in Utah and New mexico and stuff.  Anyways, we had a nice chat.  We tried to bring up the Restoration and stuff but he kept getting distracted and he wasn't too interested.  Even though we told him the Book of Mormon was all about ancient indians and stuff.  He wasn't too enthused.  He said we could stop by sometime though.  We probably will.  It's pretty entertaining.
Elder Seright and I are doing great.  Here's a little more about him. I can't remember what I told you before but anyways.  He's from Coalville UT, he's the youngest of 7 kids, he played basketball, baseball, and football.  He was in the Band and the Orchestra.  He's a ginger.  He's a solid 190 lbs.  He loves to drive fast (but safe) haha. He's just really cool.
The sister missionaries who serve with us in the Yucaipa 4th ward are Sister McHood and Sister Kalke.  From south carolina and texas.  They are really nice.  Kalke is kinda crazy though.  McHood and Seright were in the MTC together.  Kalke has been out a transfer longer than me.  All in all, the Yucaipa 4th ward missionaries are pretty great.

The family we live with is sweet too.  The 17 year old drives a BMW Z4 to school everyday.  Lucky kid.  They also have this SWEEET restored GTO in the garage.  I think its a 67.  I'm super jealous.  One of their sons just got back from his mission in Argentina.  He's a real nice guy.  It's funny to talk to him cause he always starts speaking in spanish and then remembers he's supposed to speak english.  He's great.

Anyways, It's about time for me to go.  We are at the Library today for emails and I'm on a timer.  Most of the time I think we do emailing at the church and we have a little extra time.  Also, when we are at the church, it's easier to send pics.  I'll try to send some next week if we email at the church. 

Love you guys!!!!!
-Elder Wise


  1. That's why I texted you guys this morning because I was starting to panic.

  2. You must have missionary mail anxiety too! Most likely they were doing something totally fun this morning. When you only have one day to play...