Monday, September 9, 2013

Letter Home September 4th

Dear Mom,

Whoa, today has been crazy!  I met my companion, and his name is Elder Sharp.  He's a pretty interesting guy.  Kinda crazy though.  But he's really nice.  For the most part, I've got everything unpacked that I need.  My shirts are gonna need to be ironed.  Ugh.  How is everyon
e doing?  Did Lucie have a good birthday?  Did she ever cry?

We haven't really done a whole lot yet.  I'll have more to report on P-day probably.  I hope everybody is doing good!!

Send me some letters :)

Elder Wise

 (notes and pictures from Mom)

The Drop Off

Aunt Diane was there to greet us!
"And, yes...yes she did."

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