Monday, September 16, 2013

Last email from the MTC

Holy Cow! I leave tomorrow! This is weird.  Anyways, yeah I got the Pizza rolls.  They were AWESOME!! Thanks so much! They were a huge hit.  The amish bread was amazing too! Also a big hit.  Haha.

Seeing grandma and grandpa was awesome!! *  Yeah they kinda caused a commotion haha.  When people saw me hugging grandma they were like "What the?..." but Jim and Diane didn't tell me not to hug her so whatever haha :).  And everybody loved grandpa, like always.  I took him around and he met everyone from my zone and he showed them all his painting and stuff and now he's famous around here.  And yeah they all loved the beard and stuff.  Jake walked by as we were talking so grandpa talked to him for a minute about Shannon and stuff so that was cool. Oh and I was thinking, you guys should send me some pictures of grandma and grandpa that I can put in my book.  That'd be awesome.  Oh and the other cool thing was that grandpa gave me his old tag.  It's pretty much the only one I use now. haha

That thing keven wrote is just about the funniest thing I've ever read hahahaha.  I wish I could see that kid more as well. 

YAY! I can't wait for more envelopes :) They are so fun to use!

That's sad about Lars.  I'm glad he's getting better though.

I am probably not ready for the big leagues. haha.  I'm a little nervous about California but I know God will help me out :)  For personal study I've been reading the Book of Mormon.  I just finished Helaman.  Nephi and Lehi are so cool in that book! I want to be like them.  They are pretty much the best missionaries. 
Sorry, I don't have a lot of time to email today.  I have a lot of stuff I have to do haha.
I will be sure and write a real good email next week and tell you all about California :)
Love you guys!

Elder Wise

(Notes from Mom)
Grandma and Grandpa just returned from their mission in Nauvoo, Illinois.  They got home after serving full-time for eighteen months on Friday and received permission to visit Elder Wise in the MTC yesterday.  Grandpa is Santa Claus.  So, he has already started growing out his beard in preparation for the holidays.  Can you believe that they let him in the MTC with a beard?  Scandalous!

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