Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

I can't even wait to see you guys!! It's gonna be so exciting!!  There's been a development however.  It looks like we won't be skyping until later in the afternoon.  I'm not even really sure what time.  I'll probably be able to call you right before so you know to get on the computer.  Or something like that.  I don't know for sure.  And President has asked that we only take 45 min.  So have a list of questions to ask or something haha.  I can't wait!!

Let's see.  My new area is doing pretty well.  Last week consisted mostly of going around and meeting everyone in the ward.  Although we have found a new investigator!!  It was pretty cool.  We went on exchanges on Friday so I was with Elder Hevner, my district leader, and we were walking on our way to visit a less active and we walked past a guy raking some leaves in his front yard.  Well both Elder Hevner and I had this super strong feeling that we needed to talk to the guy.  But we both kind of ignored it cause we had to go see the LA.  Well, the LA ended up slamming his door in our face, so as we were walking back to the car we talked to the guy raking.  His name is Robert.  And he is sooooooo prepared for the gospel!!  He's 22 years old and in his past life he was quite the partier.  But he was reading a book and decided that he wanted to become a Christian and do all the things that Christ would do.  So he's been researching Christ and stuff and earlier in the day, before we talked to him, he'd been reading about Mormons.  And then we showed up.  So we set up an appointment with him for the next day and gave him a Restoration pamphlet.  Well, when Weaver and I showed up the next day, he'd read the whole pamphlet, and also ripped out some of the pictures and hung them on his wall because he "liked the way they made him feel".  Haha he's awesome!!  He's super in touch with the spirit.  Even when he's reading stuff online, he can tell when something is true doctrine and when it's kinda sketchy, so then he asks us and we clarify and he says "I had a feeling that wasn't really right".  He's unreal.  We are meeting with him again tonight and hopefully we will be able to get him on date for baptism for Jan 11!!! 

That's really the only exciting thing of the week.  Although, the week was made LOADS better by the fact that we had killer music to listen too!!!  We've been listening to those CD's all week long!!  They are so awesome!!!  Thanks so much!!  The candy is amazing too!!!  Mmmmmmmmmmmm good!

I can't believe you guys have all been sick!! That's no fun!  Santa going to Lucie's school sounds awesome though!!  That sound's so fun!! 

And the snow sounds awesome!! I miss snow.  I miss skiing.  Oh well.  It sounds like grandpa is getting it in for me haha!  That's so awesome!

I can't wait to hear about what everyone get's for Christmas too!  What did you get dad??

I totally fasted on Sunday for Sadie's blessing.  I'm glad it was good!!  It sounds awesome!

Well, Hopefully I will know more about skyping home in a few minutes.  Stay tuned for another email that contains the exact time and stuff.  Hopefully. 

Love you guys!!!  Can't wait to talk to you!!

Love, Elder Wise

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