Monday, December 9, 2013


Darn it all.  I'm being transferred!  Palm Desert here I come.  It's kind of a bummer cause Julianne is really coming along.  She prayed about baptism and got her answer!  She wants to be baptized!!  I'm bummed I'll be missing out on that one.  I'll also be missing out on Chris's wedding!!  Ugh!!  Oh well, I know Palm Desert is where the Lord needs me.  And it's kind of nice getting the Desert out of the way.  This is definitely the best time of the year to be there.  It only get's up to like 90's this time of year!
Let's see.  What else happened this week?  We went and saw Roger on Wednesday.  He's doing really well also!  We followed up with him to see if he had prayed about baptism, and he said he has been praying.  He hasn't gotten his answer yet though, so he's going to keep praying. 
We also went and saw Francis again this week.  Played some good chess.  That's what I'm gonna miss.  Seright is gonna have to play with him now.  He will probably get whooped.  Francis is bomb at chess. 
One of the fun things of the week was that we went Christmas Caroling!!!  The ward missionaries and us full time missionaries went around to some of the Less Actives in the ward and sang to them and then invited them to the ward Christmas party this upcoming Saturday.  It went really well!! 
 The highlight of the week though was Saturday.  IT SNOWED!!!  Not nearly as much as it did in UT apparently but it did snow about an inch up in the mountains.  We had to go to the very edge of our area as high up as we could go into the mountains to see it.  This could possibly be the only time on my mission in which I see snow.  So that was really great!!


 It sounds like Utah is a great time!! I'm super jealous of all the snow!!  The Masseys keep getting issues of SKI magazine and it drives me crazy.  I miss skiing!!  The ward Christmas party sounded like a blast!!  I wish I coulda sat on Santa's lap!!
I can't even wait for the candy!! It sounds delicious!!  Sadly, I haven't gotten my package yet.  I have a suspicion that they withheld it at the mission office since transfers are this week.  If it doesn't come in the mail today I will be picking it up on wednesday for sure. 
Also, I definitly want a Christmas CD.  Our Zone Leaders gave us permission to listen to Christmas Music on the radio so that's what we've been doing lately.  Pretty much any christmas music is fine i think!! That Phineas and Ferb CD sounds awesome!! 
 Yeah we finally met with Joanie!! It was really great!! She's super nice!  I'm sad I only got to see her once though.  That's a bummer!  I think Seright will keep stopping by though.  I told him to. 
I'm still working on some secret buddy stuff.  Hopefully that will get done pretty soon.  I'll be pretty busy the next couple of days though cause I have to pack and all that awful stuff. 
Well, I love you guys!! I hope you all have a fantastic week!!  Build a snow man for me sometime!  :)
Love, Elder Wise

PS   And out here we kinda decorate our daily planners and I didn't have anything to decorate mine with really so I used a pic that Lucie drew.  I kinda had to cut it up.  I felt really bad.  But now I can carry it wherever I go!!

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