Monday, December 16, 2013

The Desert

Hey guys! Man there is a lot to talk about.  Well let's see.  My new companion is Elder Weaver from Cedar City UT.  He's been out about 6 weeks longer than I have.  Last Wednesday all the missionaries getting transfered met at the mission office in highland, found their new companion, and then drove to their new areas.  There wasn't any meeting or anything.  We just kinda showed up, said hello, and drove off again. 

My new assignment is in the Park View Ward.  Cover all of Rancho Mirage, about half of Cathedral City, parts of Palm Dessert, and all of Thousand Palms.  It's a pretty big area and currently we live like 5 miles outside of it so we definitely get a car while we are out here.  It's kind of interesting. Both Weaver and myself were whitewashed in our previous areas, and now we've been whitewashed again!!  That means that we are opening up a new area.  I guess President figures we are just both pro at starting up new areas or something.  I personally feel like someone else should have the pleasure haha. 

As a result of being whitewashed, we have no investigators or anything at all really.  We've spent the last several days figuring out where we are, finding maps, getting ward lists, and all sorts of things.  And we aren't even finished mapping everything out yet.  It's a chore. 

To add to the frustration, we don't have our own place.  Like I said we are currently living outside our area in a tiny apartment with some other elders.  So we are on the floor.  Well, I'm actually on a hideaway bed, but It's probably worse then the floor.  There's  a spring that digs into my back all night long.  But oh well haha. 

One of the definite perks of the area though is the cars.  I thought the cars in Yucaipa were nice but they've got nothing on the stuff out here.  Let's see, I've seen a Ferrari 458, a McLaren MP4-12C, an Aston Martin, countless Porsche's, and several Maserati's.  It's kind of unreal.  The McLaren is probs my favorite though!  I want one. 

It sound's like everything is pretty fun at home!!  I haven't gotten the candy or music package yet but I'm sure it will get here pretty soon.  I can't wait!!  I finally got the Christmas countdown!! It's awesome!! Thanks so much!!  I love the little tree haha. 

Oh!! Big news!!  I think I'll still be able to go to Chris's wedding!!! I talked to President about it and he said I could! I just have to arrange a few things.  So hopefully that will work out!! 

Well, I can't really think of much else to say.  Sorry if I missed something haha.

Have a great week!!!  Love you guys!! 

-Elder Wise

P.S.  I'm super glad Jared is gonna go play chess!!!! ;)  Haha Francis will love it :)

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