Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Well let's see.  It was sooooooo great to see you guys on Christmas!!!!!  Ahhhhh that was awesome.  I wish we could have talked longer.  But at least we got a while haha.  After I hung up with you guys we just went around and visited some members.  One of the family's we saw fed us dinner and then we went to another family's house for cheesecake.  It was delicious. 

Let's see, here's a little more about my companion.  He's a pretty great guy!! We get along really well.  And I don't really know what else you want me to tell about him haha. 
The rest of the week was kinda slow cause everyone was busy with the holidays.  We only taught like 8 lessons and they were all pretty much Active Members.  We did teach Robert last Monday and that was pretty sweet.  I think I told you about it when we skyped though.  We haven't seen him since though.  Hopefully soon!! 

The other exciting thing that happened this week actually happened earlier today.  It's been a long day.  Last Thursday we got a text from our zone leaders about a surprise mission conference.  So this morning we drove up to Redlands (about an hours drive) and listened to Elder Richards of the 2nd quorum of the seventy.  It was pretty great!!  He's awesome.  He looks a lot like Michael Caine though.  At least from where I was sitting.  So that's kinda thrown off the whole P-Day thing. We get a few hours tomorrow morning to finish all the things that we didn't get done today.  Which is pretty much everything.  We came straight to the library after the conference. 

Oh and there was one other cool thing that happened last week.  I went on exchanges with the zone leaders.  The reason this is exciting is that the ZLs are Spanish speaking!! So I spent the day doing pretty much nothing. Well, we did stuff obviously but I just followed him around and tried to understand what was going on.  He taught me quite a bit of Spanish though.  I was actually able to understand what the conversation was about.  It's cool though, cause even though I didn't really know what was being said, I could still feel the spirit.  For instance, I knew he was talking about the first vision at one point cause that was when the spirit felt the strongest.  It was pretty cool.  The gospel is true in Spanish and in English.  As I'm sure Keven would testify.  Haha

Well, Christmas sounded like a blast at home!!  I'm glad you all had a good time :)  Even though you were kinda sick haha.  And I loved the pics you sent!!!  Especially the letters in the snow haha that's awesome!!!  Thanks guys! 

Oh and I almost forgot.  Yeah I totally ran into Alex James on Sunday.  That was trippy.  I stood up and turned around and saw him and totally did a double take.  That was pretty sweet.  There were a whole bunch of PG guys.  It was awesome!!  I should've taken a pic with him though.  And had him send it to you.  That would have been cool.  But I didn't think of that till after he'd gone.  Darn it all. 

Love you guys!!!
-Elder Wise

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