Monday, February 24, 2014

Hey Guys!

Alrighty.  Well last week was pretty great!  We had an awesome lesson with Sherry last week!!  We took the Willinsky's with us which was the best idea we've ever had.  Good thing the Spirit told us to do it. So the Willinsky's have a crazy history.  They are both on their third marriage.   And Sherry is currently going through a separation and stuff.  So we walked in to the lesson and literally just sat there for a while and listened to the willinsky's relate to sherry and help her out.  Then we read some stuff from the BOM with her that was totally perfect and it was exactly what she needed to hear and it was just so cool.  The Spirit is the best.  And then the Willinsky's invited her to dinner for tonight, so tonight is gonna be awesome!! 
Also, this last Sunday Tommy came to church!!! Yay!!! It was really great!  Tommy is awesome.  We have only taught him one lesson but him and his grandma study the BOM every night!  It's so cool!! 
The really exciting news is what's happening this week. Wednesday actually.  We get to go to the temple!!!!!! YAY!!!!!  It's so great!!  We only get to go about once every 4 months or so I think.  So this week's schedule is kinda wierd.  Today isn't actually P-Day.  But the Pres has given us permission to email today so you all don't freak out.  P-Day has been switched to wednesday this week so we will do all our P-Day stuff then.  So today we've just been out working like normal.  It's a great time! Haha

That was the highlights of the week though.  Past that it was kind of boring.  Oh except we went on exchanges twice last week.  Once with the ZL's and once with the DL.  It was a great time! 

Well it sounds like things at home are going great! The B and G sounds way fun!! I'm glad everyone liked the hot dogs!!
The only PGHS counselor that is actually cool and is helpful is the german lady.  I can't remember her name.  Ask sister Hardman.  She would know.  
Also, I think I am still missing one of the Valentine's packages.  It should get here soon though haha.  Hopefully.  I got the Peas one last week.  It was great!! 
Well, I'm sure I missed replying to something.  Sorry! But I don't have much time today.  Love you all!!  I'll let you know how the temple is :)
Have a great week!!
Love, Elder Wise :)

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