Tuesday, June 10, 2014


It was hot this week.  Except I don't think it really was.  As in I think the hottest it got was only like 90's, but I was dying.  Other than that it was a pretty good week though!  We spent a lot of time planning for the baptism we will be having this Friday!!! Alex is getting baptized! We have to do it on Friday because his mom works on Saturday.  Elder Raff is going to come back for a few hours to be one of the witnesses and give a talk so that will be fun.  And Alex asked me to baptize him so I'm stoked for that!  Carlos is still doing really well also.  We are still waiting for that first presidency approval. Hopefully it will come soon! And the biggest miracle of the week was that Tony came back!!! Kind of anyway.  We found him outside his apartment one day and talked with him for a min.  I guess they had found a new house and were going to move.  Which is awesome.  They really needed to get out of their old place.  He was the happiest I had seen him in a long time.  So we helped him move the next day and while we were moving him, his mom was like "I want to get baptized."  And we were like "What?!?!".  In the past she has been very much not interested.  She was fine with us teaching tony, but she wanted nothing to do with it.  But now her heart has been softened and she wants to be baptized!  We didn't even ask her!  She's legit haha.  The sad part is that they moved out of our area so we won't be the ones teaching them anymore.  Chances are I'll still be able to see them every so often cause the ward they are in now meets in our building.  So we are really stoked that that all went so well!
The rest of the week was kind of boring.  Nothing really went on.  We had a Mission Leadership Council Meeting on Thursday.  All the ZL's and STL's (sister training leaders) and the mission president met and had a great training meeting.  President taught us what we are supposed to teach the rest of the missionaries.  So tomorrow we are having a Zone Meeting and Elder Hayden and I get to pass along all the things that we learned last Thursday haha.  It's a good time I guess.  

Sounds like things back home are going great!!!  I'm glad to hear that the white boat finally got fixed up!!  I need some more pics of it haha!!! I miss boating so much.  I hope the scout camp all goes well too!  It sounds like a lot of fun!!

I hadn't heard about Sadie's job!  Way to go Sade!  And McKay leaves on Wednesday??  That's nuts!  He is going to love it.  Probably.  You either love the MTC or hate it haha.  

I got my packages last week!! They are great!! Thanks so much!!  Just in time for the baptism on Friday.  I really needed some white shirts. 

Well, I hope you all have a really great week!!  Cali is great! I love it here even though it's hot!! Haha  Love yall!

-Elder Wise

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