Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Oh boy.

Well last week was interesting.  Most of our appointments fell through and stuff just did not work out. Plus, I have some bad news.  Both Tony and Nathan's baptisms have had to be pushed back :(  They are both doing super awesome! But Nathan's mom ended up not being able to have work off this saturday, so we have to push Nathan back to September 20.  And Tony is still doing amazing with not smoking and stuff but due to certain things outside of our control, they want to push his baptism back until he has come to church 4 times in a row consecutively.  It is a huge long story and we were sure that it wasn't going to be an issue because he's been to church enough times to be baptized, but they want him to come consecutively.  I'm so sorry Lucie!!  I tried my hardest!  We almost had it!  The good thing is that they will still be baptized this transfer.  I was so so sad though.  Ugh.
Our investigator Angel is doing really well also, but we just found out yesterday that his family has to move to Fontana (a neighboring city) and will be gone before his baptism.  So he will have to be baptized into whatever ward he is moving into.  Hopefully!! We will have to get all his information to the missionaries over there.  

Carlos is doing fantastic.  It's kind of fun because we have been able to teach him things that are a lot deeper in doctrine, than we have before.  He's heard all the simple basic stuff so often that he has it down.  So this last week we got to teach stuff we don't normally get to teach! It's lots of fun! 

There is a special meeting with all of the English wards in the stake this Sunday and we think they are changing the ward boundaries out here as well!  So we are really excited to see what happens on sunday.  It could change a lot of things! 

Sounds like you all had a lot of fun this last week!!  I'm so jealous about the story telling festival!  That is so fun!! Haha I miss that!  And sounds like things for the baptism are going to be awesome!! I am so sad that I'll be missing it! I'll send the talk in another email though.  I wrote it about baptism.  So hopefully it works! 

I'm glad we have some good missionaries in the stake finally!  That's awesome! And I know Sister Sablan!  I don't know her really well but I've met her.  That's super cool! She's a great Sister! 

Well, sorry this wasn't the most awesome letter.  It's kind of a let down actually.  Lots of bad news. :(  Next week will be better though!  Lot's of stuff going down this week! 
Love you all!!
Elder Wise

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