Monday, September 15, 2014


Yeah, this week has been HOT! I've been dying.  Even when there's a breeze it doesn't help much.  It's super hot air.  It feels like a hair dryer is blowing in my face.  Oh well, the good news is I probably won't be on bike for too much longer!! YAY!  The ward boundaries changed this last week and so our area's changed as well.  I am now in the Colton 1st ward.  It's a pretty huge ward.  It's going to require a car so they are working on getting us one.  The other cool part about all this is that we only lost like 3 investigators!  We lost Mike, and Leonard, and a couple others who weren't progressing anyways.  Pretty much our entire teaching pool is intact.  Plus, we gained a golden family of 5 from the other Elders, and an investigator from the Sisters!  So all in all, this change has worked out quite well for us! Plus, 9 investigators came to church again!  So we have been really happy this week.  It's been good.  That's pretty much all that has really happened this week though.  It's just been kind of hectic with all the changes.  But this next week should be a great time!

Sounds like it's been fun at home!!  Way to go Lucie for playing soccer! I'm glad you like it!! Those pics are awesome! Go number 7!  haha

The carpenters had their baby!! Congrats!! That's awesome!  I love gingers! 

I'm glad to hear that the ward didn't change much with the rearrangement of boundaries! It would be weird to come home to a bunch of people who weren't there when I left haha.  So I'm glad it's pretty much the same.  

Dinner with the Carlson's sounds awesome! Malawi's pizza is delicious! 

That is the coolest story about Elder Nelson!!  I love hearing cool Apostle stories every week haha!  That is so cool!  

Well, Thanks for all your support and love!! I hope you have a great week!!  Love you!

Love, Elder Wise

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