Monday, September 22, 2014

One down, Four to go!

This week was super awesome!  Nathan got baptized!! Yay!  It went really well!  I'll definitely be sending some pics.  Let's see, what else happened this week?

I think it hit about 112 the other day.  It's soooo hot! Luckily, it's cooled down a lot the last couple days.  Only in the 90's.  Phew! Sadly, we still don't have a car.  It'll probably be coming in the next couple days.  Hopefully! 

I'm sure you've probably heard about it.  But the church has come out with a movie!  Its called Meet the Mormons!  It's even going to be in theaters and stuff!  It's pretty cool.  We get to watch it this coming Thursday. I'm pretty stoked!  It's supposed to be really good!  It follows the lives of 6 mormon families.  It's not meant to be a proselyting tool, just an informative movie so people can see how mormons really are.  

This upcoming week we have 4 baptisms!  Tony, Angel, Raul, and Jayro.  It's going to be awesome!!  They are all really looking forward to it! I'll be sure to take lot's of pics! 

I'm glad to hear everything is going well at home! Sounds like you all had a fun week!  Way to win your game lucie!  That's fun that everyone got to watch the temple dedication!  I wish they could broadcast that everywhere!  That woulda been sweet! 

And I'm glad to hear that the missionaries there are doing good work.  That's really good.  

So Jim isn't going out to utah anymore?  Does that mean they aren't buying the jeep?  I would really miss the jeep, but if Dugan really wants it that would probs be ok.  Maybe we could replace it with a Rubicon?  Or a Wrangler?  Or maybe a Harley.  All of those would be acceptable replacements haha.  :)

Well, I hope you all have a fantastic week!!  I love you all! 

Love, Elder Wise

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  1. Oh how I look forward to these letters every week! They make me smile and sometimes even laugh out loud like today's did. We are so happy Elder Wise is doing so well.