Monday, October 27, 2014


This week has been soooo crazy! I don't even know where to begin.  Monday I guess.  After emailing last week, we went to the apartment and started to relax.  Well that lasted like 5 minutes before we got a call that some elders had broken their phone, and needed us to drive to the mission office to get a new one for them.  So we did that.  Which worked out because then I was able to pick up the package and stuff!  After that we went to contact a referral that turned out to be super awesome!  We got 5 new investigators from that one!  They are super cool.  The Serrano Family. I'll come back to them in a min.   So Monday was good.  Tuesday was good but nothing really huge to report.  Wednesday. Wednesday went crazy.  It started off great, we did some service, went to lunch with the AP's, and then we contacted another referral and found 2 more investigator families!  They are from Pakistan.  The Shad Family, and the Sardar Family.  They are soooo cool! After that we went saw the Serrano family again.  This time they had a friend with them.  He's a born-again christian.  And he loves to Bible-bash.  It was bad.  I feel like we did a pretty good job of standing our ground, but it was a huge waste of time and just plain stupid.  So that put a downer on the day.  The rest of the week was pretty legit though.  Brother Marmolejo (he goes by brother Angel now) is on fire.  We met with him 3 times this week, he helps clean the church every Saturday, and he attended two sacrament meetings on Sunday, just because he likes it so much.  And he helped set up and do stuff for the ward party that we had on Saturday. It was a trunk-or-treat and it was held at this super nice venue that a member owns.  It was pretty sweet!

And that's pretty much all the really exciting things that happened this week.  We did a lot of street contacting and found quite a few potential investigators that seem pretty solid. So hopefully this next week we will pick up a bunch of new investigators as well! 

Well, I hope all is going well back home.  Looks like the party was pretty awesome!  Congrats on being 16 Sadie.  Don't crash the car :)

Also, I did get those ties a while back.  The kids loved them! Thanks so much! And that pic of Lexy is so awesome!  Haha I love it.  

Our plans for Halloween include working all day, and then going in at 6 to weekly plan.  woohoo!  It's a party for sure.  I'll definitely be missing those spudnuts haha.  Eat some for me! 

Well, have a great week!!  The church is true :)
Love, Elder Wise

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