Monday, October 6, 2014

GC Weekend!

Man, General Conference is so bomb.  It goes by so fast!!  I remember when It used to just drag on forever and ever.  But now it goes by just way too fast!  There were so many good talks! I can't even pick my favorite. Plus, I accidentally left my notebook, so I can't even peruse my notes haha.  We watched it at the stake center.  And sadly, I wasn't able to make butterscotch rolls.  sad day.

Oh and I got my new companion this week. Elder Webb is a pretty sweet guy!! We get along really well.  He is from Eagle Mtn. Utah.  So pretty close!  I just keep getting companions that live near by haha! He's really cool.  He's been out for about a year total, but he just came back to the mission a couple transfers ago.  He had to go home for 9 months for some back problems.  So good news is, as long as he is my comp, I will definitely be having a car! Haha.  We are co-ZLs.  Yes, it was kinda weird to send a missionary home.  He tried his hardest not to be trunky but he was.  Haha #struggle

Our investigators are doing really well though!  We put Sister Armstrong and Sister Armstrong on date to be baptized.  We are shooting for Nov 8.  So if it all works out, we would have about 6 baptisms that day!  That would be so bomb haha. :)

Sorry I haven't sent pics yet.  I will definitely send some next week.  Cause I forgot my camera today :(  Sorry!! 

I'm glad to hear everything is going well in Utah!!  It sounds like a blast!!  That Tail-gate party sounds super fun! 

That temple was awesome!! Way to go Lucie!!  It looks super good! 

Well, I'm just about outta time.  Hope you all have a wonderful week!!  Love you all!!

Love, Elder Wise

P.S.  Haha yeah she's home! Crazy!  She emailed me actually haha.  She's cool
P.P.S  I'm glad you got the letter! Let me know how it goes! 

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