Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Hello!  This week was pretty good!  Nothing really super exciting happened though.  Everyone is doing really well.  The Armstrong's are doing really great, although Rayaa is progressing a lot more than her mom because her mom can't get to church very easily.  So we are focusing more on Rayaa right now.  She is still on date for November 8.  The other people we have on date for the 8 is the Galvez family!  They are super awesome!  We had a good lesson with them last night.  They are just super awesome.  Brother Marmolejo is doing really well also!  Although he's kinda sick right now which is a bummer.

So, we were at Carlos and Grace's house last night and we got there as they were just finishing up dinner.  And guess what they were having?  It's called Spread.  Basically, it's prison food.  Haha inmates just throw everything they have into a paper or plastic bag and mix it all together and it's called Spread.  And Carlos makes some crazy spread.  Well, he didn't tell me what was in it until I had tried it, which is a good thing cause if I'd known what was in it I would never have tried it.  It had ramen, beans, tuna, mayo, mustard, bread, jalepinos, and a bunch of other stuff that he just had laying around haha.  It looked really nasty but it really didn't taste too bad.  I wouldn't ever eat it again but hey, I tried it.  You should be proud of me haha. 

But yeah, that's really about all the exciting things that happened last week! 

Sounds like a lot of fun back home though! The ward party sounded super fun!  

Hahaha Lucie you are so funny.  Isn't Ammon cool! And you really need to not do handstands in the tub hahaha.  That's dangerous! And way to win your soccer game again! 

Well, I hope you all have a fantastic week!! I love you all!! 

Love, Elder Wise
(from left to right) Jayro, Raul, Angel, Elder Urry and Elder Wise


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