Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hello Hello!

Well, this week was pretty bomb, but also kinda lame.  It was lame cause we had like 3 days where every single appointment fell through.  So that was no fun.  It was bomb though for the following reasons:

1. Elder Evans came and spoke to us!!  He is so cool!  I learned a LOT! He talked to one half of the mission on Thursday, and he talked to my half of the mission of Friday and I guess he talked about completely different things in each one.  I guess on Thursday he talked a lot about how to use Family History in our proselyting efforts, as well as preparing ourselves spiritually for when we finally get iPads which will probably be in January.  And then on Friday he talked to us a lot about marriage, and kind of just a bunch of random stuff haha.  He just got up and started talking and just went wherever he really wanted to.  It was awesome!  He told us how he got married 3 months after his mission, and one of the twelve ( I think it was Elder Scott but I'm not for sure) asked him why it took him so long!  Haha cause Elder Scott got married two weeks after I guess.  No worries, I won't be getting married that fast. One of the things that Elder Evans spoke about in both however, was asking everyone for referrals.  In every single teaching opportunity.  So we did a thing where after the conference, we asked everyone and then texted the Mission President the results.  In the first night of asking everyone, the mission as a whole received over 100 referrals.  It's crazy!  So that's what we have been really working on.  Asking for referrals.  

2.  We took brother Marmolejo with us to a baptism at the church on Saturday.  Up until this point, he has refused to set a baptismal date with us.  Well, right before the baptism started, he leaned over and said "What do I have to do to be baptized?"  We were only too happy to tell him.  So now he is on date for November 15!!  He is super stoked.  He was telling everyone about it at church yesterday haha.  So that was pretty bomb.  

3.  All of our other investigators are doing really well too!  Sister Armstrong wasn't able to come to church yesterday cause she was out of town, but she is doing really well.  The Galvez family was able to make it to church yesterday and they are all really excited to be baptized on nov 8.  We also got some referrals last week for some pretty solid people!  So hopefully we will be picking up some more investigators this week.  That would be good.  

So yeah, that was mainly what went on this week.  It was pretty great! Sounds like everything is going pretty well in good ol PG.  Happy Birthday Sadie! Your party sounds like it's going to be crazy! Fun stuff!    Sun Valley sounds super fun too!  I wasn't able to get any of those pictures that you sent though.  They never arrived.  :(

Well, I hope you all have a great week!!  The Church is True :)

Love, Elder Wise

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