Monday, December 1, 2014


Well this last week was pretty fantastic!!  So many fun things happened!  Let's see, well Thanksgiving was pretty fun!  We made a ton of hand turkeys that we gave to members in the ward, and made some other things for the members of the ward council.  They all loved it!  That was pretty much all we did all day was make and deliver cards to people.  And then we ate dinner.  It wasn't your traditional style thanksgiving dinner.  Which was kinda sad.  I missed my mashed potatoes and gravy.  But it was still really delicious!  We ate dinner at a mexican families house so we ate a mexican style dinner.  It was a sandwich with turkey, lettuce, some spicy mexican stuff, cucumbers, mayo, and I can't even remember it all.  It was a huge sandwich though.  I was stuffed!  And then a bunch of members gave us pies so that was awesome! It was a really good day.

These are the cuties we delivered to the ward council.

We also went on exchanges with some Elders in our zone so that was a good time!  It's fun to get out of the area sometimes and see some new faces. 

The biggest miracle of the week happened on Sunday.  We were just there, minding our own business, when all of a sudden, he appears.  We hadn't seen him in over a month and it was making us so sad.  It was Brother Angel!!!!!!! He was looking good too!  White shirt and tie with dress pants!  It was so awesome!  He told us that he's spent the last few weeks just shut up in his house reading anti-mormon material on the internet.  But he finally just decided that he didn't agree with it and that if he really wanted to learn what the mormons believed, he should just go to church.  So he woke up Sunday morning and went to both Bloomington and Colton ward sacrament meetings!  He is so awesome!!  It was so great to see how the Lord softened his heart and helped him to see through all the Anti stuff.  It was awesome.  We almost cried.  

The next biggest adventure happened this morning!  We got a call last night from Elder Bird and his comp Elder Nock and they had some spare seats in their member's car, and they invited us to take a trip to Palm Springs to ride on the Tram!!  President gave us permission to go!  It was so legit!  We left around 8 this morning, and got back about 45 minutes ago.  It was so fun!!  Fun fact:  The Palm Springs tram is the Tram that Mike Rowe worked on in an episode of Dirty Jobs.  Heck yeah!  Oh and another awesome thing that happened was this.  Do you remember my investigator Sherry that we were teaching when I was in the Park View Ward?  Well, she works at a restaurant at the top of the tram, and I totally saw her there!  It was so cool!  I guess she's moving to Utah in a couple weeks.  So we just barely caught her before she left!  That was super cool.  I took a ton of pics.  Close to a hundred I think.  Then on the way home from PS we stopped in Cabazon and walked around in this hugely massive outlet mall.  It was unreal.  We walked into a few stores, and then walked right back out after we saw the price tags haha.  They were some nice stores.  

The Tram

Elder Bird and I atop the mountain.
Palm Springs

So yeah, that's really all the super exciting things that have been going on.  It was a great time!  All our investigators are doing really well.  Missionary work is great!  

Well, as a result from our trip this morning, we are pretty rushed for time.  Sounds like you all had a great week!!  Hope this one is just as good!!  Love you all!

Love, Elder Wise

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