Monday, December 8, 2014

Miracles Do Happen!

Well, this week was pretty darn good.  I have to say.  There's lot's of good news, but also some bad news.  Bad news first?  Yes.  Brother Angel crashed again.  Not sure how soon it'll be until we see him again.  He kinda told us not to come by unless he calls us first.  Sad day.

On to the good news!  Well, let's start with the miracle.  So, we are sitting there in church, waiting for sacrament meeting to start, when we notice a guy sitting on the back row.  Never seen him before, and he didn't look like a member.  So,, obviously, we went and talked to him.  His name is Jeremy.  And his girlfriends name is Candace.  Haha jk #PhineasandFerb.  Anyways,  Jeremy ended up staying all three hours and we found out some interesting things.  1)  He used to be Christian, until about 3 or so years ago when he decided God didn't exist, so he's been Atheist the last couple years.  But recently he's had some experiences in his life that have changed his mind.  2) He knows quite a bit about Mormons already, because he was learned it all so as to be better able to bash with missionaries.  and 3) He's awesome!  He seems really solid.  You could say he has "Real Intent".  So awesome!

The other miracle of the week happened yesterday as well.  We went to go see Jesus (I think I mentioned him a couple weeks ago) and we were able to pick up his wife and sister-in-law as new investigators!  So that was awesome.  

This week we had MLC too!  It was awesome.  We learned a lot.  The main focus was planning, and using How To Begin Teaching from PMG.  That was on tuesday, and then we had Zone Meeting on Thursday.  Which went really well.  Sister Van Cott came to the ZM too.  It seems as though every single zone meeting we have is attended by someone of higher authority haha.  Either President shows up, his wife, or the APs.  They must be worried about what I will teach the other missionaries haha.  

We also had exchanges this week with the AP's.  It was so fun!  I got to go with Elder Darro again and it was awesome.  He's a great guy.  

Well, it sounds like things are going well back home!  I can't wait to get some of that homemade candy haha!  So good! Glad everything is going well.  Hope you all have a fantastic week!  

Love, Elder Wise 

P.S.  The big box came today.  It's at the office.  We are probably going over there to pick it up.  It's going to be so hard not to open it! I'll do my best.  Thanks so much for everything!  Love you!

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