Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Ocha Heh (It's Good!)

I'm pretty sure I'm going to be fluent in Urdu by the time I leave this place.  Hopefully anyway!  It's such a fun language!

Anyways, this week was chaos.  After finding out that Elder Webb was leaving last Monday, pretty much the whole day was spent packing up all his stuff.  Then Tuesday was spent saying goodbye to a lot of people.  We had some good solid lessons though before Webb left.  Everyone was very sad.  Then came Wednesday.  In the morning we drove around and picked up a bunch of Elders and all their stuff.  This was made difficult because it was pouring rain!  Everyone's stuff in the back of the truck was pretty soaked.  But hey, it turned out alright.  Then we spent the next several hours in a training meeting.  Where I met my new companion.  His name is Elder Cook!  He is from good ole American Fork Utah.  Although he didn't go to AF High School.  He went to Lehi.  So he doesn't know anyone I know.  Lame! He's cool though.  He's had quite a week.  Waaaay different then my first week in the mission haha.  My first week we had no phone, no area book, no investigators, nothing.  

Wednesday afternoon was spent driving other missionaries around and picking up bikes for them and such.  The joys of being a ZL haha.  

Then we get to Thursday.  A large part of the day was spent doing service!  We worked at the food pantry again, and then we went and helped my favorite old man.  Brother Alvarado.  He's the best.  That night we had a great lesson with Sister Armstrong.  And guess who else was there!?  David!  Carlos' brother!  He's back!  We taught them both the Word of Wisdom (that's what they both struggle with)  And it was great!  David is on date again for February 21, and we were able to find out some things about Sister Armstrong that totally change everything!  She is going to be baptized on Jan 3rd!  The main thing that was holding her back is no longer an issue!  I just about cried cause I was so happy.  It was legit! 

We pretty much spent all day on Friday delivering packages to the missionaries in the zone.  And bikes too.  In my zone we have 27 missionaries, and they almost all had christmas packages that needed to be delivered.  So we played Santa on friday.  It'll probably happen again today, because we had to make a trip to the mission office and we picked up a dozen more.  Fun stuff!  

Yesterday was pretty good.  We had several investigators at church, and we had a great lesson with our investigators Jesus, Maria, and Angie.  By the end of this week they will probably be on date to be baptized as well! So things are just coming together around here!  It's great! 

Sounds like everything is pretty crazy back home haha!  I'm glad you all made it to Mississippi alright!  It sounds like it was quite the ordeal haha.  Snowbird sounds awesome though!  I am really jealous.  

I'm super excited to skype on Thursday!  We will be going over to the members house at noon, our time.  So that's probably like what, 3 for you guys?  I will probably call dads cell first, to let you know I'm on.  And then we will only have 45 minutes to talk.  :(  So have some stuff ready to talk about haha! 

I got all the packages!  The candy is delicious!!  And the new pants came and they fit beautifully!  As long as I don't gain any more weight, we will be great!  And I've gotten a lot of the cards, but I am definitely missing a few of them haha.  I'm sure they will trickle in eventually.  

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!!  I can't wait to talk to you!  Love you all!

Love, Elder Wise

We played soccer last P-day.  I am so outta shape!

We took one last selfie with Sis Jones (curly hair) and Elder Webb before they left us.  Luckily Sis Anderson is still here.

Elder Webb and Julian.  So adorable.

Last selfie with Elder Webb and our cuties from Thanksgiving.  Can't believe they've lasted so long.

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