Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Great Week!!

Well, this last week was pretty awesome!  We got a lot of stuff done, but the highlight of the week was my trip back to Colton!!  Lazarus and Gloria got baptized on saturday!  It was so awesome!  And it was a very spiritual service.  I'll send some pics.

Yucaipa is still pretty slow on the investigator side of things, but we are working on finding some more.  We have a pretty good potential that we are meeting with this week.  A lady in the ward who has been less active, but has been coming back in the last year or so, has a daughter who has been coming to church for the last few months, and we decided to ask her if she wanted to hear the lessons and stuff, and she said yes!  She seems really solid.  Her name is Kimberly.  So we will see how that goes this week.  

One of the things we do as missionaries is we visit with the members, and help them make lists of all the people they know who are non-members.  Once the member has a list of people, then we help them come up with things to do to help each person progress. The list really just helps them remember who it is they are working with.  And it works really well!  We went over to the Ward Mission Leaders house the other day and went through his list, and he saw a name on there and it reminded him that he had been prompted to give the guy a book of mormon like 6 months ago, but he had never done it.  Well, since the list reminded him, he gave him the book of mormon the next day!  And it went super well!  There has been a whole bunch of experiences like that.  The members want to do missionary work, but they forget.  So the list really helps them remember, and then we help them come up with simple, non-pushy things they can do to share the gospel with their friends!  It's great!  So I'm hoping it will pay off pretty soon, and we will end up getting a referral from someone.  It's only a matter of time.  

So yeah, that's about it for my week.  Sounds like you all had a good week back home though!  Chinese New Year is always a good time!   And I love Lucie's Ferb box for valentines haha!  That's awesome! 

Well, I hope you all have a really great week!!  

Love, Elder Wise
Baby Natalia

Carlos and Grace made it to the baptism!

The Sardar Family

Mi compadre Elder Chavez

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