Tuesday, February 3, 2015

You Won't Believe This

Wait for iiiiiiiiiiiiit....I'm getting transferred!!  That's the believable part haha.  The unbelievable part is this:  My new area is the Yucaipa 4th ward!!  Haha I'm going back to where I started!! It's going to be awesome!  It's great too because my new companion, Elder Chavez, and I will be the only missionaries in the ward, and we have a car, and we are white-washing in!  It's going to be great!  Sadly, we won't be in the same homeshare I was in before though.  We will be living at a different members house.  It's going to be so bomb though.  I'm stoked.  It's kind of strange being transferred back to an area where you already know everyone and where everything is!  It's great.  I won't be a zone leader any more though.  They are switching me to district leader.  So I won't be at the leadership meeting on Thursday.  I could probably have my zone leaders pick it up though and bring it straight to me.  They will have to drive through my area on their way home to their area.

The other big news is that the baptism went great!!  I'll be sending some pics.  Everything went smooth as butter.  I baptized, and Elder Cook confirmed the next day.  He did really well for his first time!  

And we have everything just about set up for David's baptism this coming Saturday.  I've got to start working out how I'm going to come back though.  David asked me to baptize him as well!  So that will be super fun.  And the week after that, Gloria and Lazarus and Kimberly Galvez will be baptized.  Gloria and Lazarus had their interviews yesterday and passed!  So as long as they can go without tea, they are good to go for the 14!  It's so awesome! 

Mainly, the whole week was just spent getting everything ready for the baptism. Nothing really super exciting happened.  I'm glad to hear everything is going well back home!  I'll definitely keep praying for grandma and grandpa.  Way to go on your swim meet Sadie!  That's awesome!  And Happy Birthday mom!!  Sorry I forgot to put that in my letter last week.  I remembered in the middle of the week.  I'm glad you had a great party haha :)

Well, today is pretty crazy. I've got a lot of packing to do, and lot's of people to call and say goodbye too.  I sent a big package home full of stuff I don't need.  It should get there on Thursday.  Thanks for everything!!! Have a great week!!

Love, Elder Wise

P.S.  Missionary work is great :)

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