Friday, July 18, 2014


People here have problems.  The main one being thievery.  Let me explain.  Last tuesday started out like any other day.  We had Zone meeting in the morning though which Elder Hayden and I have the opportunity to teach.  So no worries.  Well, we get to the church, put our bikes in the back room, set up the chairs, prop open the front door so other missionaries could come in, and then waited for everyone to show up.  Well, they showed up and the other elders put their bikes in the same back room, and zone meeting started. 2 hours later zone meeting ended and we cleaned up and went to go get on our bikes and head to lunch.  Well, my bike wasn't there.  What??  How could it be gone?  Yup, someone walked in through the front door, sneaked past the room we were in, grabbed my bike, and walked back out with it.  How rude.  It is still missing to this day.  Although we have many people on the look out for it. Did we buy the warranty/insurance thing when we bought the bike?  Might want to look that up.
The rest of the week went really well!  I got a new companion.  Elder Urry.  He's from Ogden Utah and he's super cool. We get along great!  He is almost done with his mission actually.  He only has like 3 months left.  Cray-cray! 

Well, other than my bike getting stolen, this week wasn't super exciting.  Although we did teach quite a few lessons which was awesome!  27 total for the week I think.  We currently have 6 investigators on date to be baptized, and hopefully we will get a couple more this next week. 

Sounds like we will be having another mission conference coming up!  In august, Elder Evans of the First Quorum of the Seventy will be coming!  He is the Seventy who is in charge of everything missionary related.  Like everything.  He speaks at every mission presidents seminar, and is in contact with the 12 all the time.  So that'll be super cool!  

Well, I hope you all have a super fantastic and fun week!!!  I love you all!!!  Missionary work is the BOMB!

Love, Elder Wise

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