Wednesday, July 9, 2014


What a week!!  It's been pretty unreal.  Let's see...Well, the good news is that I won't be getting transferred!!! I'll be staying here in Colton for another 6 weeks.  Elder Hayden is leaving though!  My new companion will be Elder Urry.  He's a pretty cool guy.  And I'll still be ZL.  So that's exciting!  We had a really great week too!  We now have 6 investigators on date to be baptized!!  Their names are as follows: Alma, Anthony, Mike, Tony, Shery, and Carlos.  Woohoo!!  That's exciting!  Plus, Tony is going to be baptized on September 2, and Mike on September 6.  And we still don't know about Carlos but it's looking like it'll probably be September and we are hoping for the 6.  So we might be having 2 baptisms that day!!!  So that's totally awesome!  We had 4 investigators at church yesterday too which was awesome!  Tony, Mike, and Mike's two grandsons.  So that was just awesome.
Also, some exciting news, I experienced my first earthquake!!!  It was CRAY-CRAY!!  It was a 4.6.  The whole apartment shook for a good like 5 seconds, even though it felt like a lot longer haha.  So that was super exciting.  

We found 3 new investigators this week which was totally awesome.  One of them, William, is pretty cool. He is mikes neighbor and he just walked up to us during a lesson with mike and joined in with us and we asked him if we could start teaching him too, and he said yes.  So that was cool!  And he was going to come to church with us, but he ended up not being able too.  So hopefully next week! 

4th of July was a good time.  Super duper hot though.  It was over 100 degrees by 11 in the morning. It was supposed to hit like 112 but I don't know if it made it all the way up there.  All I know is that I was dying.  We had to go back to the apartment at 6 pm to avoid danger.  So we just weekly planned and watched fireworks until 10:30 from our balcony.  So it was fun.  Not nearly as fun as montana or anything, but it was still alright.  We also had MLC this last week which was a fun time!  I learned A LOT!  President Van Cott knows more about the scriptures and doctrine than anyone I've ever met haha.  He blows my mind.  

But yeah, it was a pretty good week! I am looking forward to another transfer here in the ghetto of colton haha! 

I'm soooooo jealous that you are all in Montana!  Those pictures are fantastic!! Keep having a blast! 
I love you all!! Missionary work is a BLAST! 

Love, Elder Wise

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