Friday, July 25, 2014

Loooong week

Well this week was pretty good.  I didn't get my new bike in the mail yet.  I've been using Elder Haydens bike for the last couple weeks since he doesn't need it out in the desert.  The bike guy told me he was sending me the same bike I had before, so if he sends me a cheaper crappier one I'm gonna be mad.  Although it'll be nice to have a bike of my own again haha.  Elder Hayden's bike is pretty beat up.
Let's see, what else happened this week?  Umm, not really anything super exciting I don't think.  We went on exchanges this week.  I went with Elder Woolf.  We had a really great time! On Thursday Elder Urry's eye swelled up really huge and was super red so we just hung out at the apartment for a couple hours until the swelling went back down.  

Our investigators are all doing really well!  Mike, Carlos, Angel, Tony, and Alma are doing great.  They are just so awesome!  Mike, and Tony and Carlos all came to church.  We are working on getting Angel and Alma there.   This week for sure!! 

I wish I had some cool stories from this week, but it was a pretty laid back week.  Which is probably why it felt so long.  Not very many exciting things went down.  Just lots of work.  Everything is going great! 

Sounds like a crazy week in PG!!  Sounds like a lot of fun though!!!  

Man this email is short.  Sorry!!  Hopefully next week will have a lot more things to report on.  Hope you all have a fantastic week!  I love you all!  Cali is a great, hot, sweltering, skin burning, place! 

Love, Elder Wise

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