Monday, January 26, 2015

Boy oh Boy!

Well this last week was pretty fantastic!  We met with the Sardars every day this week and they are doing wonderful!!  All of them are going to be baptized, but probably at different times haha.  The daughter, Chuzi, is getting baptized this Saturday, January 31!!  And the mom and dad are probably going to be baptized either Feb 7 or Feb 14.  So that's awesome!

Our other investigators are doing great as well!  We currently have 11 on date to be baptized.  The ones coming up the soonest are David Toral: Feb 7, and Kimberly Galvez: Feb 14.  It's awesome! 

I got to go on exchanges with Elder Miller this week.  He is a super cool guy. He's from Utah, go figure, and he serves in one of the spanish wards here in my zone.  It was funny because so far on his mission, he's never been subject to a language barrier.  Since he speaks fluent spanish, he can pretty much always talk to everyone.  But when we got to the Sardars and we were speaking Urdu, he had no idea what was going on haha.  I'm actually starting to get pretty good.  I can speak quite a bit now. It was cool too because we got a referral the other day for a man named Masih, who requested an Urdu Book of Mormon.  So Elder Miller and I went to deliver the book, and he was outside, and so I got to speak to him in Urdu for a minute, and Masih was blown away haha.  I think the last think he expected was to see two white guys jump out of a truck and greet him in his own language.  It was so fun! 

Well, that's kind of all I have to report.  Stay tuned next week for pictures of the baptism!  As well as Transfer info!  This could potentially be my last week in Colton!  That would be sad. Especially with all the baptisms coming up.  But, the Lord knows best.  Have a great week! Love you!

Love, Elder Wise

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