Monday, June 1, 2015

Great Week!

Well let's see... Last Wednesday we had another mission conference!  This one was pretty special though.  It was the iPad training conference! Elder Schwitzer of the 2nd Quorum of the Seventy came, along with Brother Gonzalez from the Missionary Department, to train us on how to use iPads.  And we will be receiving our iPads in about 2 weeks when we have our Zone Conferences.  It's pretty cool!  We will be able to do a lot of stuff with them. Sadly, everyone going home before Nov 18 will not be able to keep their iPads though.  So I will only get to use a loaner for a few weeks.  Things like social media come later too.  They roll the iPads out in stages.  So chances are we will start using Facebook and Skype and stuff, a week or so before I come home haha.  Too bad.  It'll be cool though!  And we won't get iPhones or anything.  It's cool though. Picture this:  I have an investigator that I am teaching through skype.  He/she needs more fellowshippers and help.  So on the next Skype call with that investigator, YOU join us over skype and help me teach!  And you can be his/her fellowshipper too!  That is something that could actually happen in a couple months.  Crazy!!

Tom is still doing really well too! He had his interview last week and he is ready to go! He is super excited for Saturday!  And Kimberly is doing really well too! Her daughter is progressing a little slower and probably won't be baptized on the 13th with her mom, but I think she will still be baptized.  We are focusing a little more on Kimberly though at the moment.  

The other super cool thing that happened this week was on Saturday.  We were walking down the road and this girl who was out jogging ran past us. Well, like 10 minutes later she came running up behind us again and asked if we were Mormons.  She then asked us if we could teach her everything about Mormons haha.  So we walked up the road with her to her house and taught her the first two discussions, and answered tons of questions. Her name is Paige!  She is super nice. And we have another lesson with her tonight! So that was pretty cool.  

And let's see.... Oh I was sad to hear about Elder Perry. He was one of my favorites.  This week is the last week of transfers as well. So next Monday I will know if I'm staying or leaving.  Crazy! 

It's so crazy that school is already out! And even crazier to think I'll be home before it starts again haha.  I'll definitely be praying for grandpa though!  That's a long drive out there! 

Well, I hope you all have a great week! Love you!

Love, Elder Wise

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